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My number 1 investment for summer

My number 1 investment for summer

This is the first REAL season change since going 100% ethical. Here I thought I was doing so well, not craving the newest trends and extra clothes. I thought I was right on track.

And then. Slowly, every morning at work I’d see colleagues coming in wearing the most beautiful outfits – fresh, new, refined. And here I was, wearing my antique mall Levi’s, because my other jeans had inexplicably disintegrated a few weeks earlier. Cue the first pang of self-confidence decreasing!


I had felt so sure of my style during the winter, but this summer thing was starting to harsh my vibe.


I started to see holes in my wardrobe, and didn’t have the desire to wear other items. But I feel it’s important to take things slow, to let things marinate, to give your thoughts a chance to breathe.


If the StyleBee’s 10×10 challenge has taught me anything, when you’re stuck you need to try getting creative first – instead of rushing to buy.


I also had to resist the urge to think that the clothes I wore in winter would be obsolete. In fact,


SO many of my favourites from winter seasons actually shift to summer incredibly well. I just had to be OK sticking with the old faithfuls – and to learn the beauty of re-wearing.


The ONE item I did end up keeping on my list for the summer was a pair of light linen trousers.

I felt I needed a better balance of warm-weather colour tones so I could refresh and add variety to those older, favourite pieces.

Of COURSE the first thought was Elizabeth Suzann’s beautiful pants. But ultimately, I couldn’t afford them at this stage in life. New mortgage, job in the charitable industry? Gotta really pace myself. However, if you ARE in a place where you can afford them (or want to save up), they come highly recommended!


Seen in image: my new linen pants. Also shown: ME to WE x PacSun crop tee, ABLE crossbody bag, and my great-grandmother’s jewellery


I found these pants at a local artisan show in my hometown. I had only ever seen the small business once a year at this market, and hadn’t purchased before – even though I loved everything about the tonal fabrics and minimalist look. This weekend, the sight of linen pants stopped me.



I chatted with the owner, Kim Goulding, who told me she sources her high-quality linens from California, and pre-washes them herself so that the product you’re getting won’t surprise you after the first clean! She is passionate about using only natural fibres, for their friendliness to the environment. Check out her page here, and follow along if you’re Toronto/Ontario-local to find the artisan shows she’s vending at next!


So, why light linen pants?

Here’s a few reasons that they’re the ultimate summer go-to. Especially if you’re used to dressing for winter.


1. They’re breathable. Say goodbye to humidity, sweating, and stickiness.
2. They soften with each wear. Want to feel like you’re in pyjamas? These are it.
3. They can double as pyjamas. I’ve shamelessly worn my linen joggers to bed and during the day multiple times, and I’ve never slept better.
4. They drape and layer beautifully – without adding extra weight. As someone who loves fall style, linen gives me the same silhouettes in a breezy way.
5. Linen is durable and has a soft, casual look for summer days
6. Linen doesn’t need as much water (or pesticides) as other fabrics during production, and it’s a natural fibre – meaning, it’s more environmentally friendly initially as well as in post-consumer life.
8. Lighter coloured pants are an instant way to inject a summery vibe into your regular winter outfits.



Basically, the story is: linen is worth investing in, especially if you like your outfits to have more coverage and don’t want to live in sweltering heat!


If you’re hesitant to purchase linen for fear of wrinkles, if you go for heavier weights, it won’t wrinkle as dramatically – but that casual vibe will always be part of the beauty of wearing this kind of fabric – so you’ve gotta embrace it! 🙂

Any questions? Pop ’em below!


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