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Current brand crush: Blondie

Current brand crush: Blondie


I didn’t expect to have my daily routine changed by a single visit to a spa gift shop. I expected overpriced hand creams, maybe. Kitchy items you’ll forget in a day or two, maybe. I don’t often go to spas, so when I went to Ste. Anne’s Spa, I thought the gift shop would consist of things that were useless to me. I’d have probably walked past if my aunt and mom hadn’t strolled in ahead of me. That was a couple of years ago, and BOY was I wrong.


Believe it or not, key pieces of my everyday life revolve around discoveries from a little spa gift shop.


To this day, I regularly drink their independently grown and blended Earl Grey Tea (it’s the BEST Earl Grey you will ever taste. And hot tip: they sell it online!). My favourite Canadian-made leggings (Tonic) were discovered there. I use Ste. Anne’s hand cream in the office every morning. The last discovery was the most spontaneous and kind of indulgent: a beautiful, loungy, swinging sweater.


When I think back on it, I’m almost sure that these were the very first ethical pieces in my wardrobe. I didn’t realize at the time that I’d opened the window to a whole new lifestyle.


I have to tell you, I never wanted to take that sweater off. I wore it every opportunity I could. It was soft, just warm enough, relaxed, and everyone asked about it whenever I wore it.



You’d think I’d have looked at the tag sooner. BLONDIE. I’d never heard of them (or many ethical apparel brands at the time, for that matter), but I knew it was made in Canada, which was rare. The Canadian garment industry has been through a really difficult few decades, but we’re starting to see a rise in independent, ethical brands.



Here’s what you need to know about Blondie:

Started in 2014, Blondie is about comfort and versatility – down to the fabrics. Founders Michelle and Brodie source all their fabrics from Canadian wholesalers in Montreal and British Columbia. I fell in love with their East End Sweater, but they also have a great collection of basic tees, scarves and swing dresses.

A few months ago, Michelle and Brodie got in touch with me about their spring line, and I jumped at the chance to see what they were up to!


My personal favourites from their new collection:

(click the headlines to shop!)


Stevie Tank


I’m not usually a v-neck person, but what a great staple with high-rise pants on a hot day! I prefer it knotted to add a casual vibe to my outfits.




Riverbend Tunic


Okay, this one took me completely by surprise. You have to FEEL it to fall in love with it. Made with bamboo, it’s the softest, most comfortable tunic I’ve ever worn. So much so that it’s reserved as my no.1 nightgown. I sleep SO well when wearing it.




Fine Rib Toque


A toque for summer? I know. Weird. But I’m Canadian, and I like camping. Gotta keep my head warm on cool nights by the campfire. (Or, you know, to hide that 3-day camp hair). It’s been a blessing to my summer already!



Gosh, look at what a visit to a spa will do – for you and your wardrobe! So next time you decide to take a personal relaxation day…venture on over to the boutique! You never know what you’ll find.






Sponsored by Blondie Apparel.
Check out their new collectionΒ here.

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