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Summer 10×10: my items + brand highlight!

Summer 10×10: my items + brand highlight!

Ok, so anyone who’s been following for a while knows that I love 10×10 challenges. They’re how things really kick-started here on PetraAlexandra, and helped me become comfortable with loving what I have and needing less.

What I love about the 10×10 is that you can be easy on yourself. The community on instagram is so open, welcoming and above all else, forgiving! We’re all here on a journey, we’re all here to have fun, and most of us end up bringing in an extra pair of shoes or switching out a garment or two when the weather decides to disagree with our 10×10 plans…!

All that to say, it’s one of my favourite times of year and I always look forward to them. This time around, my approach was to focus on simple, solid staples. Since my first 10×10, I’ve gotten creative, I’ve worked with patterns, but something told me that simple, core pieces were the way to go for the summer.


My top 2 tips coming out the 10×10 are:

  1. Find some fun accessories to keep things interesting!
  2. Plan with your lifestyle in mind. I know that I love being comfortable on weekends. So I always plan in some versatile loungewear that can be adapted throughout the week, too!


This Summer 10×10 brand: Tradlands

Earlier this year, Tradlands reached out to me (and a ton of others) to see if I would like to try their new summer pieces. I’d been eyeing their pieces for so long that it was a natural fit! Their approach to their online business is to support the inspiring community on social that we’re all a part of. You may have noticed a lot of people on insta talking about them lately. That’s because they’re helping instagrammers earn a little bit of an income by using their voices for ethical fashion, while making their pricing a little more accessible. In an age of people being cynical about sponsored posts, it can be annoying to see a lot of people with the hashtag #ad. But what’s neat about this one particularly is that everyone I’ve talked to loves Tradlands –  women from all lifestyles, demographics, vibes – showing how versatile their pieces really are. So I guess what I’m saying is: I can get behind their strategy. And hey, I could also talk about how awesome these shirts are until I’m out of breath.

So, moving on before I bore you! Let’s get to the 10×10.


Here are the 10 pieces I picked.

5 shirts  |  2 pants  |  1 skirt  |  1 jacket  |  1 pair of shoes*


105 The Lily – $137 – gifted




105 Vintage Denim- $137 – gifted




103 Girlfriend T-Shirt, Cavern – $49 – gifted




Striped Tee – old




Men’s Essential Crew T-Shirt – $30 – received free at Kotn consumer feedback event




Oversized Blazer – old




Levi’s 501s – $78 (on sale) – purchased this month, Aritzia




Linen Pants – $120 – purchased earlier this year, local maker




Floral Midi Skirt – $0 – handed down from Grandma!




My conclusion on these 10×10 choices? I didn’t feel like I was ever short of clothing. This ratio of tops/bottoms still allowed me to feel like my outfit was new every day. But I DID end up switching out the large blazer with my vintage Levi’s jacket. I just found that it went with every outfit. Living in a place with irregular weather means I don’t always count outerwear in the 10×10 – always remember to be easy on yourself with these changes – the point is to have fun!






Do you happen to have a Tradlands item on your wishlist, and are ready to buy? If you’re a first-time Tradlands shopper, you can get 15% off with my code PETRA15. When you click through and purchase, you’re also helping me earn a small portion of the sale 🙂 win/win! So if you are ready, I’d be so grateful! <3



*still investigating the ethics behind the maker of my shoes – they claim to be ethical, but I would like more details before linking for everyone! 🙂

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