6 ways to wear flannel this fall

6 ways to wear flannel this fall

As a Canadian and a lover of camping, I have a LOT of plaid. And going to film school back in college didn’t help the case – my collection grew until real life came and suddenly my prized plaid had become passé. So, left with a bunch of flannel and a job in marketing, I pushed those shirts aside for the odd summer long weekend, and nothing more.

Buuut now that it’s getting close to fall and I’m trying to make use of the clothes I have instead of buying more, I’ve made a commitment to find new ways to wear existing things.

So here we go! Ways to style flannel. A special request from a few lovelies on Instagram. And I’ve got to say: it was so much fun to refresh my love for it!


1. The “party” look



Have a plain skirt or dress with a bit of fun? Pop your plaid on top and give it a tie – it’s a cute way to add a soft look to the party without being too high-maintenance. Hot tip: roll the sleeves 3/4 up your arm so it looks more feminine!



2. Easy linen weekend



Wide-leg pants, simple tuck, and you’ve got yourself a relaxed and casual plaid style.



3. All business



I LOVE wearing plaid to work. Pair it with a blazer and tuck in for a more professional edge with personality for your next Casual Friday. Best part about this look? Buttoning the collar up all the way for the tomboy vibe. Hot tip continued: always do the 3/4 sleeve. Yup, even with the blazer. Works wonders.



4. Preppy crew



This is another one of my favourite ways to wear plaid to work – it’s just the right amount of colour peeking through from behind a more professional sweatshirt. You can wear jeans for every-day wear, or swap them with cigarette pants for the office. Hot tip: flip out your flannel’s sleeves so they peek through, tying the whole look together.



5. The “Dad” look



Straight outta the ’90s. Pair that baby with vintage Levi’s, throw on a belt, add a boxy cardigan and spin up a top knot: you’re good to go. The sleeve tip from the last one works for this, too! Have them peeking out to tie it all together.



6. Hazy late summer



There’ll be fall days that are still boiling hot – so you’ll want to be prepared! This look is easy enough for a concert, bonfire, or day when you’ll need a few layers to get through the ups and downs of hot days and crisp evenings. What I love about this outfit is that you can pop on a pair of heels, toss the plaid into a bag and have an instant night-out look.




This exercise was a ton of fun! Loved finding new ways to wear my old favourite shirts – and give them life beyond camping or film school.

Do you have even more ways to style plaid? Share your favourites with us!


P.S. looking for ethical sources of flannel shirts? My top picks below.

  1. Tradlands – their new fall line just launched and I basically plan to live in their shirts allll winter. Special bonus? You can grab 15% off with code PETRA15 ! #partner
  2. United By Blue – Philadelphia-based, American-made and committed to cleaning up our oceans.
  3. Sitka – Canadian-made outdoor gear designed to last.
  4. Ontario Parks – Stores in Ontario Provincial Parks sell Canadian-made plaid. Go camping, get some gear!



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