My 4 Must-Have Natural Skincare Products

My 4 Must-Have Natural Skincare Products

It’s been a while since I’ve done a natural beauty update! Earlier this year, I made the decision to remove all products in my house that had chemicals. And surprisingly, it wasn’t my own health that made me do it: it was the idea of flushing chemicals down the drain. What started as a slow change-over to natural laundry detergent, and using vinegar + tea tree oil to clean the house, turned into natural hand soaps, and the realization that it was silly to have everything all-natural except what I was putting on my body.

When all my skincare items had run out at once, it was the perfect opportunity. I ditched the drugstore brands and went on the hunt for something new.


Here are the two ways to approach the switch-over to natural skincare:

  1. Know your skin type, and find out which brands are best for you.
  2. Do-it-yourself! It’s surprisingly easy to make items we usually pay for.


I’m going to do a two-parter, so we can get into detail on how to make the switch, and highlight some of my absolute favourite products from the past half year. Welcome to Part 1!


*This post contains affiliate links from Detox Market, which means when you purchase, you’re also helping to support my work! All opinions are my own. 




First, let’s get into the all-natural products that made the cut. We’ll get into DIY in the next post 😉


A set of natural skincare products, including oil cleanser, facial spray and serum



Here’s the deal with my skin type:

I have pretty darn dry skin. I mean, flaky when it gets really dry out. Winter used to bring with it a constant applying of moisturizer with no relief. Hormonal acne is also something I struggle with. Every month, you can bet that zits will pop up in the same problem areas, no matter what.


Knowing your skin type is the first step to finding the best facial care products—so read up on it, recognize any problem-areas you’d like to address, and get planning!


It took me a few months to find the products that worked best for me. I had plenty of trial and error, including an Indie Lee cleanser that dried out my skin so much it was painful, and an Odacité peppermint cleanser that caused an eczema patch on my skin. Don’t get me wrong, those are wonderful brands, but they just weren’t right for my skin type.

After all that testing, I’ve come up with a shortlist of 4 products that make the cut for dry skin + hormonal acne.


1. Wildcraft Oil Cleanser

Ok, stick with me – despite what you think, Oil Cleanser can actually be wonderful for all types of skin—even oily. If you get a non-comodogenic oil cleanser, it can help regulate your skin’s own natural oils and restore balance. This olive & sunflower oil-based cleanser is made in Toronto and contains jojoba, marshmallow root, tea tree and lavender. At a $29.99 price point, was the BEST quality for the BEST price I’ve seen. So soothing!

Grab it from Detox Market here.


Wildcraft Oil Cleanser


2. Purity Gentle Cleansing Oil

When I first started blogging, I connected with a woman from the UK, Rachel. She was just starting her business as well—The Noble Apothecary—a natural skincare brand. Months later, we reconnected and she asked if I’d like to try her Gentle Cleansing Oil. Made with cold-pressed Abyssinian, Black Seed and Jojoba oils, this cleanser is the most beautifully earthy one I’ve tried. Even better? Since using this cleansing oil, a spot of eczema on my cheek has disappeared, and my hormonal acne has subdued to a minimal and controllable state. Oh, and did I mention oil cleansers remove makeup, too? This cleanser goes for £30.00 and ships from the UK – but you can enjoy 30% off with my special code PETRA30!

Grab it from The Noble Apothecary here.


Purity Gentle Cleansing Oil from The Noble Apothecary


3. Odacité Mint & Green Tea Hydra-Purifying Treatment Mist

I first tried Odacité because of a sampler given to me when I was restocking my makeup at Detox Market. This purifying mist contains all the antioxidant, vitamin E and B2, and tannins to purify and reduce swelling in your skin – but it’s also surprisingly moisturizing because of the Aloe Vera. I use it as a toner, spritzing it gently after an oil cleanse. So refreshing, and the Willow Bark also gets those pores nice and tight! At $39.00, it’s getting towards the expensive side but is still reasonable enough for an all-natural toner.

Grab it from Detox Market here.


Odacité Green Tea & Mint Facial Spray


4. Odacite Bl+C Pimples

This oil is WONDERFUL. Another sample I fell in love with, when I couldn’t find a replacement for a grounding oil I’ve been using for years. Using this as a spot treatment on zits or suspected problem-areas is a sure-fire way to tame them before they get worse—or heal them quickly. This serum uses Black Cumin oil, Cajeput, and Vitamin E oil, the first two designed to minimize and clear flare-ups, and the third for restoring and healing. Using a few drops combined with the Green Tea Toner, and I don’t even need to use moisturizer any more! It goes for $39.00, but don’t let that and the small bottle dissuade you – this goes a long way and packs a lot of power.

Grab it from Detox Market here.


Odacité Pimple Serum


So, are you ready to get going on your all-natural skincare routine?? Detox makes it so easy to search products by skin type, or problem area. Best of all, if you’re unsure what to buy, they’re super friendly and you can pop them an email for advice.

Have you found a natural product that’s great for your skin type? Share below so others with the same skin type can discover it, too!



2 thoughts on “My 4 Must-Have Natural Skincare Products”

  • Hi! I’m Alejandra, from Spain. I’m new to your place (came here from IG, where I fell in love with your feed, BTW). Anyways, this entry comes at the riht time for me, I’m looking into simplyfying my skin care routine and focusing on finding products that:
    1. Avoid plastics
    2. Are natural
    3. Are good for my skin
    It’s not the first time I read about “cleansing oils”. How do you use this? Instead of cleansing soap/foam? How do they work?

    • Hi Alejandra, thanks so much for your kind words! <3 I've never turned back after switching to all-natural. It's changed my skin! To use oil cleansers, you just gently rub on your face with your fingers (it doesn't foam, but it feels beautiful). Then you gently wipe it off with a warm cloth. It also removes makeup!

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