Current brand crush: Hailey Gerrits

Current brand crush: Hailey Gerrits

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I place extreme respect, love, and care on any jewellery that I welcome into my life. I see jewellery as an heirloom, as a piece of your own self that will get handed down to another generation. I’m of the belief that your jewellery can become like a little vessel of yourself, and so in choosing a piece, I’m choosing something that will forever carry a piece of me.

I wear my great-grandmother’s rings and feel her own self-love through my veins. It may sound a bit much, but that’s truly what’s at the root of my love for jewellery—and why now, in my adult life, I buy it less and less: because to me, it’s an eternal thing. I mean, my sister already knows that when I die, I want half my ashes to be made into a diamond, and the rest scattered. So I suppose that’ll give you an idea of how sacred jewellery is to me.

How I first heard of Hailey

I remember strolling through a small town a few years ago, and coming upon a cute boutique that sold items made in Canada. A necklace caught my attention: convertible in length from 30” to choker length, and it looked like art deco come alive. I was instantly sold.

I wore that necklace for quite a few years before I saw, in another boutique by my new work, the same style of jewellery. I asked the shop owner who the designer was, and she said, “Hailey Gerrits!”

Off I went, looking up all her collections online. And big surprise, I fell in love all over again. Now, I’m a minimalist in terms of my style: but Hailey’s pieces are the one thing I’ll go maximalist for. The detailing is just exquisite. So let me tell you a little bit about Hailey and her collection!

What you need to know about Hailey Gerrits

  • Each piece is handmade in Vancouver
  • She started her business in 2010
  • Hailey uses all vintage or repurposed chains and links in her jewellery
  • She works with artisans to ethically source and hand-cut gemstones exclusive in their shape to her collections
  • Hailey’s pieces are wearable on their own, as well as convertible, buildable, and ready to layer

What I love about her pieces

There’s this…unmistakable, unattainable vintage spirit to her pieces that I’ve never seen anywhere else. When I wear her pieces, I can feel the power of their history—but the shapes and silhouettes are matched perfectly to my own modern style. Repurposing any older materials is a tough line to walk. I’ve seen so many designers botch beautiful pieces when restoring or creating something new, but Hailey’s designs uplift the natural patina of time. They’re romantic and whimsical and sophisticated all at once.

My picks

Horizon Studs

These caught my attention right away. Minimal, unassuming, but bursting with detail and beauty when you catch a glimpse up close. The crescent shapes contrasted with the rectangle of the labradorite forms a gorgeous classic design, and is really comfortable to wear.

Shop the Horizon Studs here.

Thistle Necklace

The thistle has cultural significance for me—embedded in the ancient history of my clans in Scotland; a symbol of protection and unity. I remember a giant thistle bush growing in my front garden, and people urging me to cut it down—but I kept it because it brought out a sense of pride and feeling of protection by my front door. My garden, my house, the land releasing its strength through what normally is called a weed.

The Thistle Necklace has gemstones cut and set in the shape of a thistle—mine, in labradorite, and has three delicate vintage chains. Like all of Hailey’s pieces, it’s adjustable in length so you can wear it low on your chest, or almost-choker length.

Shop the Thistle Necklace here.

Mixed Chain Necklace

What a great minimal staple! I love layering this with other pieces Hailey has designed, or as a glimmer in an otherwise plain outfit. Here I have it layered with the Thistle Necklace to create a statement look!

Shop the Mixed Chain Necklace here.

So those are my picks! Hope you enjoyed getting to know Hailey and her lovely vintage designs. It’s so wonderful to find a designer who repurposes and rescues materials to create the new—resulting in a totally sustainable line of jewellery. So. Darn. Cool.

Hailey has so generously offered 15% off her collection with my code PETRA15 , valid until April 1, 2019. Happy layering!



The links in this post are affiliate links, but of course my love for Hailey’s line is all my own! 🙂

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