4 ways to style a sweatshirt

4 ways to style a sweatshirt

I’m one of those people who would buy a comfy sweatshirt, only to let it gather dust in the back of my dresser drawer until I went camping. I’d get another one, then another one, until I had way more sweatshirts than I’d ever need camping.

Recently I sat back and thought: why on earth was I buying a garment JUST to wear for one thing?

Since shopping sustainably, one key thing has helped me decide whether to purchase a garment or not: does it do double-duty?

If a garment answers YES to these questions, you can bet it’s coming home with me:

  • Does it make me feel like me?
  • Am I getting excited thinking of all the different outfits I can make with the other pieces in my wardrobe?
  • Is it comfy and practical enough that I’ll actually reach for it?
  • Can I wear it as pyjamas AND on weekends AND to the office?

Okay, that last one may seem far-fetched. But stick with me, here. I swear you won’t regret it.

Last week, Morgan from The Garment asked me to try out some of the pieces in her Spring Virtual Pop-Up (including a sweatshirt from Aliya Wanek!)

For a moment I thought, “do I even need another sweatshirt? Will I wear it? Or will it become another lonely camping sweater at the bottom of my drawer?’

That was until I looked at Aliya’s feed and saw the beautiful, sun-soaked colours and read a little more about her brand.

Aliya hand-dyes each one of her sweaters in Oakland, California. They’re made of a hemp and organic cotton blend, and have a lovely faded look with a true 90s mom sweater feel.

Besides having a range of gorgeous colours, she offers two lengths: long and cropped. The cropped one hits just below the natural waist, so it’s super flattering without showing any skin!

Ready to see my 4 looks?

Weekend Casual

How much easier can this get? Perfect for a cool spring day or breezy night, without all the awkward bulk of tucking a sweater into high-waisted jeans.

Vintage Office Vibes

High-waisted vintage trousers pair so well with the length of this sweatshirt! Don’t be afraid to mix up colours – here, the warmth of sage and congac compliment each other, while the navy pants ground the look.

Layers on Layers

I straight up didn’t know if this would work. I was worried it’d be too bulky, but because there aren’t any shoulder seams in this sweatshirt, the sleeves are more roomy and allow for a button-up to sit comfortably! Loving the ability to pair unexpected colours with each other here.

Easy Work Outfit

I’m looking so forward to wearing this during spring and feeling like I’m in sleepwear! Adding a silk scarf and loafers gives an otherwise casual look a nice professional edge.

If you’re thinking of this sweatshirt, better act fast!

There’s only 1 more day for my special code PETRA10 for 10% off Aliya Wanek sitewide – AND on all the other 7 brands in The Garment’s Virtual Pop-Up! Ends Friday.

And if you don’t need a sweatshirt right now?

Hope this post gave you some ideas on how to get more wear out of the ones you have!


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4 thoughts on “4 ways to style a sweatshirt”

  • I have two sweatshirts. I wear them almost daily, admittedly while I’m at home lounging but they get tons of use! I love the way you’ve styled this one for the office.

    • That’s so good! It’s been fun to try my hand at styling them for the office, when I’d normally think it would be too casual.

  • Thank you, for sharing these 4 different styles of wearing a sweatshirt. I would really like to try out the look of pairing up sweatshirt with a shirt under and explore different color combinations for this look.

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