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My Spring footwear capsule

My Spring footwear capsule

For a long time, I’ve felt kind of guilty about how many shoes I own. I know I don’t need as many as I do – but it’s the last part of my wardrobe I really have to get to.

But as I’m coming up on spring, the itch to spring clean my shoe collection has really started. So in I went to my shoe closet to really evaluate the ones I wore regularly – and to figure out how much I ACTUALLY needed.

Over the past year of documenting my outfits, I figured this out:

  • I like to have a black and a Cognac shade of each type of shoe (flats, heels) each season.
  • having a lighter option in the warmer seasons is a must! Keeps outfits from looking too heavy.
  • a variety of heights for each season is key! I like to shake it up between flats and heels or wedges.
  • I’ve got to have 1 pair of sneakers. For comfort, you know 😉

Knowing all that, it was time for me to do decide on my spring “capsule”! Here are my picks:


Everlane Day Loafers

Buttery soft, these gifted beauties come in all colours, comfy enough for walking around all day, and they look sharp, too. These have become an instant staple! I wish I’d have ordered a 1/2 size up, because the elastic on the back is a bit tight – but not enough to give me blisters or to do any serious harm during the day! 

Shop the Everlane Day Loafer here.

Black Slingback Loafers

Sleek perfection. These ones are from my old fast fashion days, but are leather, so they’ve become comfy enough for everyday wear, commuting, travelling, you name it!

Shop similar here and here.

Dusty Ivory Loafers

These pointy-toe loafers are just the thing to make me feel like a total badass. Great for work, or for looking sleek and not distracting from the rest of the outfit. These ones are definitely just a work shoe (the kind that never breaks in), but they’re a staple!

Shop similar here and here.

David’s Footwear “flag” flats

These were a lucky find at the antique mall, and YES they’re a little impractical, but they’re the one shoe I have myself license to own because they’re little works of art. David’s Footwear in Toronto has been creating designer shoes made in Italy for decades, and while most of them cost upwards of $500, these vintage 1980s pair were a bargain at $30!!! Any time I really want to feel bold or powerful or fun, I pop these on and they add such a fun statement to a simple or vintage-inspired outfit.



I’ll admit, I interchange these with sneakers sometimes, but what I like about these (and why I included them in my spring footwear ‘capsule’ is that they’re easy to slip on and still give that sporty vibe. 

Shop similar here and here.

Alice + Whittles Rain Boots

These are the best multi-purpose shoes in my whole wardrobe, no matter what season I’m in. They’re my hiking boots, my rain boots, my camping boots, my commuting boots, my adventuring-in-mud boots. There’s never a better feeling than jumping into a giant puddle or pile of mud while wearing some vintage denim and good Canadian flannel or a chore jacket that gets the job done. Ethical, and practical. 

Shop Alice + Whittles ankle boots here.


Woven congac shoes

I found these vintage gems at an antique mall by my place, and they couldn’t have been more perfect to add a sunny summery look to the collection I have here. I love that these have a title block heel to add some sophistication while still being comfy and looking easy-going. 

Shop similar here.

Fortress of Inca Michelle Mules

These were generously gifted by Fortress Of Inca, and are made consciously in Peru. The company and shoemakers have been working together for over ten years on timeless, lasting styles. These Michelle Mules have been such a fun addition! I can easily pair them with a dress because of the heel, and the cognac tone is warm and casual. I think they still need a title breaking in (my toes have gotten blisters after a full day of walking) but I hear their slides and flats version of these are SUPER comfy and don’t have that problem!

Shop Fortress of Inca mules here.

That’s my spring collection! 8 shoes. I don’t know what seems like a lot or a little, but I know that’s the perfect amount for me: between working in an office, commuting, and weekend adventures through forests and waterfalls.

What about once summer hits?

I’ll start pulling out my open shoes: Nisolo sandals, and a pair of suede mules.

I also have a pair of secondhand huaraches that are WONDERFUL but they’re falling apart in the sole. These are my comfiest summer flats, so I’m hoping a cobbler can replace the sole by the time the heat rolls around.

Oh! And I forgot to mention: all year round, I keep a pair of black L’Intervalle high heels at my desk. I don’t count these as part of my overall at-home capsules because they serve such a crucial purpose at work, but they’re essential no matter what season we’re in!

What shoes are you looking most forward to wearing this season?


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  • I love the look of the mules, but I am curious about the toe. Would you consider it more pointy or an almond shape? Just curious to know before I go down the rabbit hole. Thanks!

  • Having a versatile shoe collection goes such a long way! Love your pieces. I’m interested in trying L’intervalle boots and was wondering, do their shoes run narrow? Thank you!

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