Conscious clothes for every age: from Brass Clothing

Conscious clothes for every age: from Brass Clothing

Living consciously was something my mom and Nonna had always engrained into us. My Nonna grew up in Italy, moving to Canada to get married to my Nonno, a barber in the small town my parents still live in. Growing up in post-war Italy looked a lot like getting creative with food, sewing your own clothes (especially underwear from old bedsheets!), and drying melons from the bedroom ceiling.

When we were kids, we sewed with both my Nonna and Grandma, learned to make things from the fabric scraps in the basement, and cooked with what we had. And I tell ya – to this day, I can go a surprisingly long time without grocery shopping because of how creative I can get with the strange pantry items in my house.

With all that history, I’m surprised we didn’t think twice about our clothes as the family grew up. But somewhere along the line, I started wondering and my mom, ever the person who cared about conscious living, decided it was high time she paid attention to the origin of her clothes, too!

My mom’s wardrobe journey

My mom’s been unhappy with her wardrobe for a while. She’s been afraid to buy the wrong thing, afraid to spend money in case a garment got damaged, and unsure what her style really is anymore.

I used to work retail, helping women back into the workforce after raising their kids. My job was to help them find their style and the clothes that would make them comfortable when they got back into the swing of working. So starting this journey with my mom has been a ton of fun!

For my her first online conscious experience, I chose Brass Clothing, a brand I’ve been working with for a little while!

Reasons I chose Brass for my mom:

  • Inclusive sizing (xxs-3x)
  • Styles for all silhouettes
  • They offer a $15 credit if/when you need to alter clothes from them
  • They offer styling consultations to help you get a better sense of how their pieces will work for you
  • Great workwear options that can take her through a day teaching, and weekends, too

Check out my post here to learn more about who they are, their production, and behind the brand.

My mom’s Brass Clothing choices

The sleeveless layering turtleneck

This one is so much fun, because when my mom and I looked separately on the Brass Clothing site, we picked the same shirt as our first choice!

All Brass’s layering pieces are made with merino wool. This ribbed top is super soft, moisture-wicking and breathable. When my mom tried hers on, the shoulders were a little big, so I urged her to take it to the tailor and it fits perfectly now! (plus Brass gives that handy $15 credit if you need to alter any of their pieces). Hot tip: never be afraid to tailor or adjust your clothes to fit you. Think of them as a base, and tailoring or styling helps them become your own. (just before we took these photos, I cuffed my mom’s jeans to the ankle and it changed her whole look!) These little tricks can make all the difference.

While this style is out of stock at the moment, you can shop my other layering favourites and Brass Clothing tops here (the Best Tank is awesome!!) >>

(get 10% off with code PETRA)

Her second choice is:

The Spring Top

This one is a great blend of cotton and silk, lightweight that can smoothly transition to fall or spring. Its shirttail hem works well with fitted pants or even leggings for a more casual day, which is the kind of flexibility my mom needs, especially with a lean wardrobe.

Isn’t she the cutest?!

Shop the Spring Top here >>

If you’re looking for workwear that can transition to weekends, you can get 10% off any Brass Clothing purchase if you shop my affiliate page, or with code PETRA 🙂

Are you on your own wardrobe journey, and not sure how to feel comfortable selecting garments you’ll love? Tips below!

How to choose the right items for you

1. Go into any store, and try on clothes!

You don’t have to buy them, but trying on different styles will help you understand which silhouettes you look (and feel) best in! It’ll also give you a sense of sizing.

2. Buy local

Find conscious makers near you! Go to craft shows or festivals, or local shops where you can try on, and purchase a garment that you know you love.

3. Once you’re more confident, try an online brand with a good guarantee

Look for free shipping and/or returns, or helpful things brands offer like online consultations with stylists, live chat, or refunds/store credit for alterations. All these personalizations will make your online shopping experience easier! Don’t be afraid to ask questions 🙂


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