10 easy ways to wear a midi skirt

10 easy ways to wear a midi skirt

I’ve been searching for the perfect midi skirt for years. You know, that one that’s the perfect size, the right length, has some flow without being too heavy or overpowering, can be layered with sweaters or dressed down with a band tee and sneakers in summer – yeah, THAT skirt.

As soon as it hits fall, I bust out my skirts like a champ.

With tights and a flowy skirt, it feels like I’m wrapped in a blanket of comfiness all day. And before permanently welcoming in a new skirt to my small collection (3, to be exact), I wanted to truly test its versatility.

What better way to test a garment’s versatility than to create 10 outfits with it?

That’s always my tried-and-true test. Make 10 outfits with it. Not 3, not 4, TEN. This test will push your creativity and imagination way further than you normally would – and lead to some fun discoveries! I’ve always found new favourite outfits when I try this with new-to-me garments. It also helps you understand its long-term place in your wardrobe. A true slow fashion test.

The skirt

The skirt I chose is from Only Child, a brand that is based in, and hand-makes all their items to order in Oakland, California. The skirt’s made from tencel, a natural, sustainable fabric made from wood cellulose. It feels substantial enough for winter, and flowy enough for warmer seasons. The elastic waist is stable and forgiving enough to tuck a huge knit sweater in if I like!

I’ve been following Only Child for a long time on Instagram, and honestly, they crack me up daily. If it’s not goofy dancing, it’s giant bags of popcorn or their precious little dog, Penny (who they named a coat after, by the way!) They are worth a follow even just for the joy they bring to my feed all the time.

Are you ready? Here’s 10 looks for a midi skirt

My top tips for styling one?

  • Sheer black tights & block heeled, point-toe booties are a formula for refined success. My go-to tights are from sustainable stocking brand, Swedish Stockings
  • Use a French tuck! Tucking the front ads a beautifully carefree edge that helps manage an overly bulky top, and can create a point of interest in an otherwise plain top.
  • Add a belt to tie in lighter footwear or other rich colours. Punching a hole in your belt to make sure it fits your waist perfectly can ensure you’re not adjusting all day, and makes it easier to tie in footwear that may not otherwise match the outfit you’re planning.
WEARING // Everlane ReNew Cashmere Sweater // Old belt // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black booties (linked similar)
WEARING // Everlane Cotton Sweater // Hailey Gerrits Venus Necklace // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black booties (linked similar)
WEARING // Old sweater // Only Child Marion Skirt // Loafers (linked similar)
WEARING // Tradlands Goodall Poplin (linked similar) // Aliya Wanek Sweatshirt // Apogee Goods Skinny Belt // Only Child Marion Skirt // Fortress of Inca Michelle Mules
WEARING // Old top (linked similar) // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black Booties (linked similar)
WEARING // Sotela Forest Cardigan // Amanda Moss Penny Tank // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black Booties (linked similar)
WEARING // L’Envers Nina Cardigan // Hutchison Sandra Top // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black Booties (linked similar)
WEARING // Old top // Only Child Marion Skirt // Black Booties (linked similar)
WEARING // Tradlands flannel // Only Child Marion Skirt // Fortress of Inca Chelsea Boots
WEARING // Vintage ribbed knit top // Only Child Marion Skirt // Alice + Whittles Minimalist Sneakers

Which look would you wear?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Only Child is offering 15% off your order from their site, including this Marion Skirt! Until 11/07/19, use code PETRA15 and click here to shop. ☺️

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