A loungewear capsule, styled with Kotn

A loungewear capsule, styled with Kotn

Kotn’s ethically-made essentials have been a staple in my wardrobe for years now. And while they’ve always served as comfortable elements to my work-appropriate ensembles, the COVID-19 quarantine has given me a golden opportunity to explore the power of Kotn in a cozy environment.

My quarantine has consisted of the ups and downs of work layoffs, ending contracts, manic cleaning, lethargic hours in bed not wanting to rise, sporadic insomnia, popcorn for dinner, luxurious pancakes, and marathoning two seasons of Gilmore Girls.

A lot has happened. I’ve been finding happiness in little moments like following the light around the house, resting in it like a cat. I think my ankles are going to be more tanned than the rest of my body, for how much they’ve been sitting in the sun. I’ve been cooking each night instead of making a week’s worth of one dish. Keeping things more spontaneous, removing the pressure of planning. Giving myself a hall pass on perfection, and finding that it results in so much more joy.

But in between all these moments, one thing’s remained consistent: I always reach for clothes that are comfortable and no-fuss. Clothes that act like a security blanket amongst the chaos. Kotn’s pieces have been that for me, so today I’m sharing how my at-home capsule has come to life over the COVID-19 quarantine. Styled for work, for running around with kids, or for lounging in bed, these combos will get you through the next little while 🙂

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Outfit formulas for life at home

Button-ups aren’t the first thing you think of when working from home, but when it’s the silhouette of a relaxed, oversized nightshirt, all the business turns to casual. Pair with skinny jeans to balance out the look.

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Another way to wear an oversized button-up is as a chore coat. Tip: style a men’s flannel or vintage denim with a fitted shirt – it’s my instant 1990s mom vibe, little work required. Best part about this formula? You can recreate it ten times over just by switching up for other pieces that have similar silhouettes.

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Call this my perpetual uniform: a fitted crewneck shirt and high waisted jeans. Looking for a comfier version for being at home? Pair a fitted shirt with your favourite vintage or relaxed jeans, and add a belt for some definition. For the ultimate lounge outfit, wear high-waisted sweatpants. A fitted shirt is the wardrobe’s silver bullet – a winner to balance out pants with volume.

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I’m not a sweatpants person. I never have been. Jeans bring a sort of comfort, but the sweatpants that sealed the deal for me are these high waisted culottes. With a sleek silhouette and paired with a cropped sweatshirt, it’s the at-home power suit equivalent.

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This is a look inspired by Molly-Rae, an associate that helped me out in the Kotn store this past winter! She paired the comfiest sweatpants with an oversized button-up – resulting in a polished look that felt like pyjamas. The tip to making this look work? Buttoning to the collar for a boyish silhouette.

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The most versatile of outfits: jeans and a sweatshirt. The key to making this outfit feel polished is adding a simple belt to add definition, and doing a simple French tuck in the front. No need to fuss with a full tuck when you’re at home – so keep it relaxed!

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Hope you get some ideas for making your home time comfy as you can, while feeling put together 🙂 Stay healthy, stay home, stay safe!

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  • A-haaa… Someone here seems to be rocking the 90s just perfectly well!
    The sweat suit hugged perfectly on you and it’s jumping ideas on my head right now that I need to try.

    These are amazing easy wears that everyone would love to try.
    Nice one

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