My personal favourite lingerie producer, Fortnight produces swim, underwear and bras that have a wonderful size range and are sexy as heck. They’re designed and manufactured right in Toronto.

Luna Longline

Fortnight // Luna Longline

A classic and comfy alternative to an underwire bra. What I love about Fortnight is the ability to choose your exact size, even in bralettes. No “small, medium, large” – you get to choose the true size based on your cup and band, to ensure a perfect fit.
Ivy Classic Bra - Beige

Fortnight // Ivy Classic Bra – Beige

Yep, I have it in two colours. That’s how much I adore Fortnight’s lingerie. Surprisingly comfortable for a bra with underwire because of the larger band.
Ivy Classic Bra - Black

Fortnight // Ivy Classic Bra – Black

Never have I ever had a bra fit me as well as this one. Fortnight has such a great range in sizing, and are made right here in Toronto. I wear this bra with everything, except for fitted t-shirts (they need something with a little more coverage!)