Willow Earrings

Emily’s // Willow Earrings

Available in gold, silver, or a blend of both, these earrings are special additions to my jewellery box. Handmade in NW, Arkansas, Emily’s designs reflect the delicate forms of nature.
Ana fan dangle earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Ana Fan Dangle Earrings

For 1980s fun and a modern glisten. With surgical stainless steel studs and made from polymer clay, these lightweight earrings are another gem of a statement in my earring collection.
Suna asymmetrical earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Suna Assymetrical Earrings

Made of polymer clay, these fun earrings are super ’80s reminiscent and are lightweight enough to wear all day. My favourite way to wear these is with a plain top so the squiggles can speak for themselves! Studs are made of surgical stainless steel.
Nudie Judie Earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Nudie Judie Polymer Earrings

Long live the squiggles of the 1980s! These earrings are light in the ears and SO fun. There are a ton of colours and the stud is surgical stainless steel, so yay for anyone with sensitivity to other metals!
Ellipse Earrings

Hailey Gerrits // Ellipse Earrings

These are my go-to earrings for a night out or a party where I want a little bit of shimmer without going overboard. They give all the Gatsby vibes!
Venus Necklace

Hailey Gerrits // Venus Necklace

A longline necklace crafted from vintage chains and hand-cut stones.
Burgundy Tassel Earrings

Knots and Pipes // Tassel Earrings

Heather creates her earrings out of reclaimed textiles and tassels from closing factories in Southern Ontario, breathing new life into these materials with a fun statement. Light enough to wear all day, I’ve fallen in love with the subtle swing of these plum darlings.
Mixed Chain Necklace

Hailey Gerrits // Mixed Chain Necklace

Made for layering! These vintage chains are beauties. Made with a flexible length, this necklace is one I throw on with studs for a bolder look.
Thistle Necklace

Hailey Gerrits // Thistle Necklace

As a Scot by heritage, anything related to thistles is an instant win in my books. This necklace is crafted from vintage chains, and although more maximalist than I usually sway, its fine details are just the right amount of statement.
Twist midi hoops

Mejuri // Twist Midi Hoops

Oh boy are these my favourites. Since I got them, I’ve been wearing these nearly every day. Just big enough to shimmer and catch attention, but small enough for everyday wear. They remind me of my Nonna and all my Italian Zias! Mejuri is an affiliate partner. Shopping through this link will give you an automatic 10% off!

Mejuri // Mini Signet Ring

Solid gold, baby! I wear a signet on my pinky with the letter “H” engraved into it as a tribute to my family, but you can wear it sans engraving for a fun statement! This is so easy to wear, and because it’s solid gold, there’s no worries about getting it wet. Mejuri is an affiliate partner. Shopping through this link will give you an automatic 10% off!
Zodiac Necklace

Mejuri // Zodiac Necklace

Choose your sign! I have this necklace on almost every damn day and it goes with everything. It’s Gold Vermeil, which means thicker than gold fill, but keep it out of sweat, pools and showers to keep it lasting 🙂 Mejuri is an affiliate partner. Shopping through this link will give you an automatic 10% off!