Night Moves Atelier

Night Moves Atelier


Night Moves is based in Ottawa by maker Amanda, featuring clay and resin statement earrings made by hand with a vintage-inspired aesthetic. When she couldn’t find statement earrings that fit the bill, she made a pair for herself and it went from personal project to brand.

Ana fan dangle earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Ana Fan Dangle Earrings

For 1980s fun and a modern glisten. With surgical stainless steel studs and made from polymer clay, these lightweight earrings are another gem of a statement in my earring collection.
Suna asymmetrical earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Suna Assymetrical Earrings

Made of polymer clay, these fun earrings are super ’80s reminiscent and are lightweight enough to wear all day. My favourite way to wear these is with a plain top so the squiggles can speak for themselves! Studs are made of surgical stainless steel.
Nudie Judie Earrings

Night Moves Atelier // Nudie Judie Polymer Earrings

Long live the squiggles of the 1980s! These earrings are light in the ears and SO fun. There are a ton of colours and the stud is surgical stainless steel, so yay for anyone with sensitivity to other metals!