Only Child

Only Child


Based in Oakland, Haley’s company has grown exponentially through her simple lines and quality fabrics. I own two pieces from Only Child, and can attest to their comfort (and the deepest pockets you can imagine!)

Sonora Hooded Coat

Only Child // Sonora Hooded Coat

The first day I wore this coat, I realized I forgot my reusable bags – and instead of asking for a bag at the liquor store, I carried home a full-sized bottle of wine in the pocket of this coat – fully concealed! The pockets are magic. I even fit a DSLR, with a lens, in the other pocket. This coat is great for late fall and early winter in northern climes, but can be worn throughout the Canadian winter if you layer thoroughly!
Marion Midi Skirt

Only Child // Marion Midi Skirt

This gem of a skirt is made with Tencel, a natural and renewable fabric made from wood pulp. It has beautiful drape and is super breathable. I’ve been wearing it nonstop with tights and booties, but it’ll be an equal hero in the summer with flats. The waistband is on the more snug side if you’re on the top range of the waist measurement (I’m a 25″ and took XS), so if you want a more comfortable fit, go a size up – as long as you’re right on the cusp.

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