The Lèi

The Lèi


Started by Tiffany in Montreal, this footwear brand is inspired by the Chinese character 累, pronounced lèi and meaning “tired, weary.” Her footwear is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and make every garment I own look more pulled together. An absolute dream.

Classic Slide in Taupe

The Lèi // Classic Slide – Taupe Suede

Inspired by Moroccan babouches, and handmade in Morocco, these slides are the comfiest shoes you’ll ever wear. I wore mine nonstop in the warm months, and as soon as winter hit, I wore them as slippers inside. Basically, they haven’t left my feet. (Get 10% off with SARA10)
Point toe flat in black

The Lèi // Point Toe Flat – Black

I sized up in this style! Note that it’s a floppy shoe, so it’ll feel more like a mule than a flat (the heel doesn’t hang on to your ankle). But if you’re ok with that, this is the comfiest and sleekest shoe you’ll come across! Ultimately, you could go for the Studio Slide and get the same result if you’re worried with how this will fit. (Get 10% off with SARA10)