ABLE // Selam Backpack

The softest leather, the most versatile bag I own. A shoulder / arm bucket bag that converts in one swift motion to a two-strap backpack. Fits a laptop, lunch, reusable mugs, you name it!
Prime Mud Tort

Bonlook // Prime Mud Tort Glasses

My most asked about glasses! From Montreal brand, Bonlook. They’ve removed the middle man from their production, with full control beginning to end, allowing for more accessible prices. They’ve even started launching a collection made fully in Canada.
Lounge Bralette

Groceries Apparel // Lounge Bra

If you’re on the hunt for a cute, relaxed lounge bra, this is it! Great for smaller cup sizes up to a D.
Calloway Hat

Will & Bear // Calloway Hat

With every hat purchased, Will & Bear plants ten trees. These Australian hat-makers use 100% natural materials (this hat is all wool, with a leather strap around). Their hats are made in Inner Mongolia, Sri Lanka and China. Each factory is visited by their team and are REACH and SGS approved. I have a small head, so I had to get the small!
Ingrid Premium Knee-High Socks

Swedish Stockings // Ingrid Knee-High Socks

I know, it seems granny-like, but stay with me here: wide leg pants in the winter need a companion. And that companion is a good knee-high sock. Keeps you warm, doesn’t fall down into your booties. The best kept secret of winter aficionados.
Sara Sneaker Sock

Swedish Stockings // Sara Sneaker Sock

Lightweight, comfortable, 70 Denier for durability. These sneaker socks stay up all day! No annoying slipping off the ankle.
Olivia Tights

Swedish Stockings // Olivia Premium Tights

60 Denier, for ultimate durability and more opaque. These will also keep you a little warmer in winter! Made from 92% recycled materials.
Svea Tights

Swedish Stockings // Svea Premium Tights

30 Denier, for medium sheer and medium durability. Made from 89% recycled materials.
Maria Innovation Tights

Swedish Stockings // Maria Innovation Tights

Made from 100% recycled materials, including 20 Denier for a little more durability than the Polly style. I wear these for my nude pair, as they have just enough coverage to disguise any nicks and provide a little warmth in the cooler seasons.
Polly Innovation Tights

Swedish Stockings // Polly Innovation Tights

Made from recycled PET bottles and upcycled cotton. Less durable than their Denier blends, but the most sustainable option overall!
Hanna Tights

Swedish Stockings // Hanna Tights

Made from 40 Denier recycled yarn. The most durable of all tights I’ve tried so far! Higher Denier = more durable, thicker yarn and more opaque.
Kotn socks

Kotn // Socks

Soft, breathable, made from Egyptian cotton and available in some fun colours (even more in-store)! They’re unisex, so they can veer on the long side if you’ve got feet smaller than 7.5. But if not, say hello to your new favourite conscious socks!
Thompson Bra, White

Free Label // Thompson Bra – White

As comfy and versatile as its “Andie Bra” counterpart, this bra from Free Label is made of a less compressive material and when worn backwards, it’s a scoop neck instead of the V-neck of the Andie.
Andie Bra, Black

Free Label // Andie Bra – Black

Good good lord, this is the best bra I’ve ever owned. It’s soft like butter, supports like underwire and is reversible for a high neck or v-neck. In the summer, it can be worn as a crop top too! Add on that it’s Canadian-made with natural and non-toxic materials, and you’ve got the best bra in the universe. This is not an understatement.
Structured Daily Tote

Apogee Goods // Structured Daily Tote

There’s a price tag to this one, but every single stitch is done by hand, the old way, by maker Britt Junek. This high quality leather bag will last you a lifetime, and fits a 13″ laptop comfortably, along with a book, notebook, umbrella, reusable bag, utensils, and whatever else you can think of!
Ivy Classic Bra - Beige

Fortnight // Ivy Classic Bra – Beige

Yep, I have it in two colours. That’s how much I adore Fortnight’s lingerie. Surprisingly comfortable for a bra with underwire because of the larger band.
Skinny Belt - Teak

Apogee Goods // Skinny Belt – Teak

The staple belt of my dreams. I wear these with everything. A slim look, but the leather is supportive enough for even my vintage jeans.
Skinny Belt - Black

Apogee Goods // Skinny Belt – Black

The staple belt of my dreams. I wear these with everything. A slim look, but the leather is supportive enough for even my vintage jeans.
Ivy Classic Bra - Black

Fortnight // Ivy Classic Bra – Black

Never have I ever had a bra fit me as well as this one. Fortnight has such a great range in sizing, and are made right here in Toronto. I wear this bra with everything, except for fitted t-shirts (they need something with a little more coverage!)
Debre Wallet

ABLE // Debre Wallet

Wallet? Clutch? Both! I use this baby for everything, including holding my phone, mini notebook and a pen. Consciously made in Ethiopia.
Meron Backpack

ABLE // Meron Backpack

This mid-sized backpack holds more than you think! I tote around my book, notebook, umbrella, reusable utensils, sunglasses and more in this cute commuting/travel companion. Consciously made in Mexico.