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I’m Sara, and I work in marketing out of Toronto. I commute 4 hours every day, so how I spend my time outside of work is absolutely treasured.

My job (and the encouragement of some amazing humans) is what brought me to blogging. Right out of university, I was welcomed to a small but mighty team dedicated to marketing beautiful jewellery handmade in Kenya. After travelling to Kenya twice and researching so many incredible competitors, the floodgates opened and the movement of slow fashion exploded into my life.

I made the choice to shop and wear consciously – and when I realized that not everyone had the ability to spend 3 years researching ethical garment makers, I decided to share honestly what it’s like to make the decision to wear only the ethically shopped or made.

I hope you find inspiration in this journey.

I’m excited to see where it takes us!


P.S. I’m also a guest blogger over at The Minimalist Wardrobe. Check it out for the latest posts, exclusive to!


A little bit about me…

  • I just bought my first house, a little 1926 one-and-a-half storey corner home.
  • I’m an enthusiastic minimalist with a tiny bohemian streak, so you’ll see plenty home reno and decor on here!
  • I LOVE love camping.
  • In the winter, I’m usually dreaming about cruising in my family’s vintage Volkswagens and sitting by the lake in Northern Ontario.
  • Long moody light is a sure-fire way to my heart.
  • My heritage is a big part of who I am. Garlic is a staple to every dish, like a good Italian. Scotland will always hold a piece of my soul.
  • I’ve been writing poetry since I knew my letters. Feminism, culture, identity, life in Toronto, and escape in wilderness are themes you’ll see here.


What’s the story behind the name?

Well, I mentioned I love writing.  When I first joined instagram years ago, my usual username was taken and I was completely stumped. Without thinking about it, I quickly chose the name of a character – Petra Alexandra – from one of the books I wrote. It stuck. Now it feels more like me than any other name I’ve had.


Why did you start a blog?

When I was in my first year of college pursuing professional photography, my professors kept encouraging me to pursue film – which I did – and loved. I was BIG into experimental film and how poetic it could be. Film is what brought together all the creative things I adored, and I am SO glad I went for it, not only because of everyone I met, but because of where it led me in life. Then I ended up in marketing (again, because it blended all my skills and focused on storytelling), and its that job that showed me I can keep taking that approach to life – it’s become kind of a philosophy for me. You can be a Jane-of-all-trades and love it. There’s so much joy in cultivating all your skills and allowing them to complement each other. All those hobbies and joys have culminated in having a little more fun here.


Where can I follow you online?

I’m an avid instagrammer! @petraalexandra is my main channel for home decor, ethical fashion and minimalist fun – and @petraaexandrapoetry is my channel of short-form poems and soft, moody scenes.


Curious about anything?

If you have any questions, shoot me a message! Always happy to hear from you.