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I’m Sara, and I work in marketing out of Toronto. I commute 4 hours every day, so how I spend my time outside of work is absolutely treasured.

My job is what brought me to blogging. I was welcomed to a small but mighty team dedicated to marketing beautiful jewellery handmade in Kenya. After years of researching ethical competitors, the floodgates opened and the movement of slow fashion exploded into my life.

When I realized that not everyone had the ability to spend 3 years researching ethical garment makers like I did, I decided to share honestly what it’s like to make the transition.

I hope you find inspiration in this journey.

I’m excited to see where it takes us!


A little bit about me…

  • I own a little 1926 one-and-a-half storey corner home and am passionate about lived-in minimalist decor.
  • I LOVE love camping and cruising in my family’s vintage Volkswagens.
  • Long moody light is a sure-fire way to my heart.


  • The name PetraAlexandra comes from a book I had been writing. I’m of southern Italian with ancient Greek heritage (both names are Greek origin). Now this name feels more like me than any other name!
  • The meaning?
    • Stone, or rock. I loved the idea of a name that brought me closer to the earth and was reflective of my desire to have a small footprint on this planet. And, well, is straight up representative of my love for Paul Simon’s song “I am a rock,” which is basically my personality wrapped up in poetry.
    • Defender of people. Okay, a little extreme. This is a title I don’t think that I’ll ever be worthy of. Instead, it’s a reminder to always make choices that are mindful of the well-being of others. To make space. To speak up when I should. That’s what drives me. I still have so much growing to do.


Where can I follow you online?

I’m an avid instagrammer over at @petraalexandra

Check out my pinterest @petraalexandra_ for style, home decor, and beauty inspiration.


Curious about anything?

If you have any questions, shoot me a message! Always happy to hear from you.