Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective


For athletic gear made from recycled water bottles, you’ve come to the right place. From XXS to 6XL, their compressive athletic garments are flawless in performance, look cute and stand the test of time. I’ve had their products for years, and they hardly show any wear. They even have a recycling program for your old Girlfriend garments so they can be re-made into new articles. They also do cool things like donate their dye mud (leftover from the dyeing process, which is 100% non-toxic) to pavement facilities, where it’s made into sidewalks and roads. Cool.

Topanga Bra

Girlfriend Collective // Topanga Bra

Fun cross-back, made with 11 recycled plastic water bottles. Hands up for diverting waste!
Girlfriend Black Leggings

Girlfriend Collective // Compressive High-Rise Legging

Move over, all other athletic leggings. These are the winners! After 3 years, no pilling whatsoever. Definitely go for the lite leggings if you want something more summer-appropriate, but stick with these for year-round!