Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings


Hailing from Sweden, this brand was the world’s first in sustainable hosiery. They even have lines made from 100% recycled nylon, operate carbon neutral production facilities, sell their waste as industrial insulation, and they run a recycling program for your worn tights – making the entire experience conscious from beginning to end.

Ingrid Premium Knee-High Socks

Swedish Stockings // Ingrid Knee-High Socks

I know, it seems granny-like, but stay with me here: wide leg pants in the winter need a companion. And that companion is a good knee-high sock. Keeps you warm, doesn’t fall down into your booties. The best kept secret of winter aficionados.
Sara Sneaker Sock

Swedish Stockings // Sara Sneaker Sock

Lightweight, comfortable, 70 Denier for durability. These sneaker socks stay up all day! No annoying slipping off the ankle.
Olivia Tights

Swedish Stockings // Olivia Premium Tights

60 Denier, for ultimate durability and more opaque. These will also keep you a little warmer in winter! Made from 92% recycled materials.
Svea Tights

Swedish Stockings // Svea Premium Tights

30 Denier, for medium sheer and medium durability. Made from 89% recycled materials.
Maria Innovation Tights

Swedish Stockings // Maria Innovation Tights

Made from 100% recycled materials, including 20 Denier for a little more durability than the Polly style. I wear these for my nude pair, as they have just enough coverage to disguise any nicks and provide a little warmth in the cooler seasons.
Polly Innovation Tights

Swedish Stockings // Polly Innovation Tights

Made from recycled PET bottles and upcycled cotton. Less durable than their Denier blends, but the most sustainable option overall!
Hanna Tights

Swedish Stockings // Hanna Tights

Made from 40 Denier recycled yarn. The most durable of all tights I’ve tried so far! Higher Denier = more durable, thicker yarn and more opaque.