Connecting with earth in wintertime

Connecting with earth in wintertime

I always go back to imagery of the earth as the ultimate female being – mother earth, truly.

There’s a universal truth in the role of planet as our home. She’s a womb with a flawless combination of natural conditions to cultivate life. I find myself constantly writing about this, finding new ways to do her justice, finding new ways to appreciate the rhythm of our planet. I want to take every breath in sync with her, no matter what season it is. It doesn’t mean we need to spend all our lives outside. Sometimes it’s just taking the time to observe the light.

This poem came out of my morning commute across the skyway bridge, seeing the sunrise and patterns of Lake Ontario in all its different forms. I wanted to latch onto the imagery of sunrise as the ultimate birth.


The sun is so much larger and more powerful than the earth, but there’s an undeniable and showstopping illusion of the earth opening herself up to reveal the sun to us. It’s beautiful and dangerous and essential.


Wishing you all the peace of a coastal sunrise,






The sea spreads her turbulence
over coastal walls
Her swollen belly turns over at night
And creates ripples across her skin
Her salty breath
drips crystals in my hair.
In the mornings, she lifts her knees
splits her mighty thighs
and gives birth to a magnificent pink stain.
Her s(o)n breathes into the morning.
Sees himself in fiery shards of glass
arrogant in the sky,
reflecting his intensity
in an aggressive replica of life
twisted around his mother’s body
like a horizon of costume jewels.

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