That time we spontaneously bought 2 vintage VWs

That time we spontaneously bought 2 vintage VWs

A lot of you may not know the story of how my family ended up with two vintage Volkswagens. It all started with my dad, whose first car was a red 1971 Super Beetle.



Years later when he and my mom got married, they bought a Westfalia bus and camped away in it for years until it nearly rusted into the ground.



My parents, on the left. Aren’t they the best?!


Once I graduated from college, we all got the bug to get some vintage VWs again. I only vaguely remembered the one from when I was a baby, so I had a lot of years to catch up on!

Within a few weeks, my dad and I were in California in the middle of the night in some stranger’s kitchen, handing over an envelope of $5,000 cash for a car we’d never seen in real life.

Thankfully, we didn’t get murdered. But we did drive Route 66, get a flat tire in the Mojave, see a solar eclipse in Albuquerque, and bring that 1971 Super Beetle home.


Victor (right), the original owner of our new Beetle



A few years later, I’m not sure how, but my dad found a 1978 Westfalia bus in B.C. and hiked it back home. If I thought I had the spirit of Volkswagens in me, it increased tenfold when we started camping in the bus. Absolute freedom.



I never thought that I’d actually be one of those VW people. I didn’t think I had it in me to be minimalist enough to go for an extended period of time on a bus with a few pieces of clothes and a tiny space.




Since I’ve made strides to have a smaller wardrobe at home, it’s been so much easier to go camping. Buslife is such a darn effective way to practice practical minimalism. And, you know, to practice a good old Canadian Tuxedo, too.



Wondering what it’s like to go on the road with a vintage VW? Ask away in the comments below!



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