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The truth about the Breton Top

The truth about the Breton Top

My journey to this top was a long and weird one, but here I am.

In my fast fashion days, I’d been buying and buying different striped tops to try and find the perfect one – and never did. I was left with a half drawer full of striped tops with all sorts of reasons that I wasn’t wearing them. Then I saw the Breton Top in one of @thegarmentlife ‘s Virtual Pop-Ups, and thought – this could be the one.

When it came time to make the decision to buy it or not, even though it was beautiful and ethical, I said no. Because I couldn’t justify owning another striped top while I had a drawerful here. Even if they were being unworn. I was also, frankly, afraid of spending $104cad on another top that may or may not be the one. So I let it go. Funny thing is, I’ve totally spent that much on an ethical garment in-person, multiple times, when I’ve had the budget. I was just so hesitant to shop for it online.

Not long after, Morgan from @thegarmentlife hosted a contest called “Diamond in the Rough” – to recognize and provide guidance to up-and-coming bloggers in the ethical fashion space. I wasn’t going to enter, but I thought, why not? I think everyone who blogs feels like they need guidance some days. So, I entered thinking I’d try my best, but it wasn’t likely I’d win.

And then the winners were announced – and I was one of them. I was over the moon excited for the opportunity to grow. But the contest came with two other things: a copy of Morgan’s favourite business book, The New Factory Thinker (an amazing read, by the way), and of all things: the Breton Top, along with the opportunity to host my own Virtual Pop-Up: a week-long online event where I could chat with followers about the top, and offer a small discount for those who wanted to purchase it.


I’ve got to be honest with you: when thinking about the Virtual Pop-Up, I felt like a bit of a fraud. Here I was, a person who had passed on the chance to buy this shirt, who instead got it for free, gifted from a contest – and, I was about to host a week-long event talking about buying one.


So instead of trying to sell it to you all week, I’m going to: celebrate the history of the iconic Breton stripe, chat about the fabric and quality of the shirt, profile the sustainability and ethics of the maker (Les Sublimes), and share tips on how to style your own striped tops if you already have them.

I want this week to be the celebration of a quality garment that I may not have ever gotten to know, had it not been for Morgan, for her contest, and for me taking a chance.



If you enjoy a good story as well as learning about great brands and quality fabrics, that’s what you’re in for. If you’re looking for a striped top, you’ll get that, too 🙂 Either way, I hope you enjoy the week!




Want a classic Breton Top? Check out French company Les Sublimes here, and get 10% off any item in the shop with code PETRA10 until October 6, 2018. #partner


*All images via Les Sublimes. 

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