A week of outfits with Brass Clothing

A week of outfits with Brass Clothing

I have been SO excited for this week of making outfits from 3 core pieces in Brass Clothing’s Fundamentals collection. I have a mission of brightening up my winter wardrobe. And it’s been a long time coming!

Given the choice, black and grey are my go-to colours. But this summer, I fell in love with the soft, casual, yet elevated look of warm neutrals and whites. Halfway through the winter I always feel a bit sad that I’m only in darker colours, so my mission was to find quality neutrals that could bring more variety to the winter tones.

Enter Brass, with simple collections in simple shades. Clean silhouettes, thoughtful fit, and intentional details.


When it came to choosing my 3 pieces, this is what I kept in mind:

  • Can it layer?
  • Can I wear it both tucked and untucked?
  • Would I wear it both at work and at home, or on a weekend?
  • Do all 3 of them have distinct textures, looks and benefits within 1 colour scheme, so that there is consistency without redundancy?


There were 3 key pieces that made the cut! I styled 8 outfits with 3 tops – and I’m just getting started.


1. The year round raglan, white



I’ve had a rough go with white sweaters. They were either the wrong cut, too long, or had the right amount of detail without being too thick or overwhelming. So when I saw this one, I went for it!

The detailed stitching of the sleeve to body of the sweater is a skill that only few garment makers have in Brass’s factory (and is done by hand). The fabric is cotton & silk – light, warm, and thin enough to be tucked in without looking chunky. One day, I wore it with leggings at home as a comforting stay-at-home sweater, and the next day with dark high-waisted jeans as a professional outfit. I’d say that’s pretty darn versatile.




2. The nonstop top, white



Can I get a victory dance here?! I love a white tee, but sometimes you need something that has a more professional look. This is the one. I’m the biggest fan of boxy cuts, and as soon as I touched the fabric could feel the quality and weight. It’s a slightly heavier weight than you would expect, so it keeps you warm—but drapes nice and loose to keep you cool, too. What a win.



3. The crossover blouse



This was a total wildcard. I do not usually go for shiny & silky fabrics. They’re not in my fashion repertoire. But the delicate crossover in an ivory tone was beautiful, and I often struggle to find a great, simple top for a night out. Boy am I glad I took a chance on this one. While the cut is not flattering to my body type when I have it untucked, when it’s tucked it’s the home run of a graceful-looking, comfortable, sexy-while-being-decent top. The fabric is silky but not staticky, and pairs really well with a cardigan.




I was really happy with the quality of Brass Clothing. Their ability to spot-clean so well was a heck of a bonus, especially when I was eating things like hot sauce or beet salad!! Spot cleaning allowed me to wear these repeatedly in a week without worrying about them hanging wet on the rack for days!

If you’re sensitive to materials like polyester, I’d recommend taking a look at some of their newer arrivals which use more natural fabrics.

What I learned from this experience? Clothes that look like simple “work” clothes online can actually be so much more – and so much more comfortable than you might think 😉





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While my pieces of Brass Clothing were gifted, all love and opinions and honesty is my own!

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