Ethical jewellery pieces you can wear every day

Ethical jewellery pieces you can wear every day

I never used to be a jewellery minimalist. But over the years, I’ve found there’s an incredible amount of value in finding those pieces which LAST, that you can wear every single damn day without having to worry about them fading, getting damaged, or catching on your favourite knit sweater.

It took me a long time to find the pieces that simply work. So I’m going to share with you some of my faves, and why they make the cut as perfect everyday essentials!

Rings //

What to look for:

  • Solid gold or sterling silver
  • Shapes without sharp edges (so they’re less likely to catch)
  • Shapes that won’t rotate in annoying ways on your fingers!
  • Either no stones, or hard minerals like diamonds or white sapphires
  • Designs that won’t get too dirty in little crevices if you’re off making a mess
  • 14k gold is better than 18k, as it’s stronger and less likely to bend and dent!

My go-to brands: Stray Stones // Aide Mémoire

Here are two brands on opposite ends of the price spectrum—which is why I love them so much! I wear both my Aide Mémoire diamond ring and my Stray Stones silver rings all stacked up and they simply belong together. Aide Mémoire uses recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds, making them an amazing go-to for your more special pieces. Stray Stones has so many fun shapes to play with when it comes to stacking, and they’re all so affordable! Best of all, I have worn mine in the shower, working out, cooking, camping…you name it—for years.  

Necklaces //

What to look for:

  • Solid gold or sterling silver
  • Chains with extenders so you have flexibility to adjust the length
  • Charms that aren’t so big they’ll hurt ya if you forget you’re wearing them during a workout!
  • Choose hard minerals like diamonds or white sapphires

My go-to brand: Mejuri

I LOVE the zodiac necklace. I wear it every damn day and it goes with absolutely everything! Mejuri necklaces are delicate, versatile, layerable and have lasted even with me wearing them all the time. The other piece I wear if I find the zodiac too much is the Lotus necklace. These pieces are gold both vermeil, which means they’re plated on sterling silver (but much thicker than conventional gold plating, so it’ll last). That being said, because they’re plated, I DO take them off when I shower or do a strenuous workout.

Earrings //

What to look for:

  • Solid gold or sterling silver (esp for sensitive ears)
  • Lightweight (nothing worse than heavy earrings!)
  • I like earrings that make a little statement. Just a touch of glimmer, so I can wear them with my everyday necklaces 😉

My go-to brand: Mejuri

I only have one hole per ear, so I’m more limited in my choices than some of you may be! But these two sets of hoops are what I switch between ALL the time. I’ve worn them to weddings, to work, and on weekends. Ultimate versatility. Oh, and side bonus: I’ve even fallen asleep in them without noticing. And if you’re like me (princess and the pea kind of situation when you sleep with earrings), you’ll know that not feeling them is a small miracle.

Bracelets //

What to look for:

  • Easy to fasten, doesn’t come loose
  • Light and balanced – no annoying turning around on the wrist, and tapping on the computer when you’re trying to type

My go-to brand: ME to WE

I rarely wear bracelets anymore, but when the summer comes around, I find myself reaching for a little something. ME to WE’s simple beaded and semiprecious pieces are too cute, and I love the daintiness next to my great-grandmother’s watch, or a brass cuff. (or even on its own!)

The lovely bonus behind ME to WE pieces is that they’re handmade by artisans in Ecuador and Kenya, who are also the brilliant minds behind some of the designs and construction. They work collaboratively across communities and continents to design each collection, and each purchase makes a different impact that gives back in their community, creating a full circle of sustainability. The sales from the bracelet I’m wearing here contributes to women’s financial training, so the lovely mamas who bead them also get training in managing finances of their own businesses.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into my jewellery collection! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission for any sales made through the link. Thank you for supporting my work! 🙂



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