How to transition your summer pieces for fall

How to transition your summer pieces for fall

I can’t believe it! Another summer is wrapping up and we’re all looking forward to crisp leaves and cosy sweaters— well, I’m sure some of us are! I’m a little sad to see the days getting shorter, and was only just getting used to taking advantage of the warm, sunny days. I could do with another few months of summer, thanks! Walks along the lake, lounging on the grass in the park with a good book, drinking coffee on the patio—I’ll miss this! But for those of you who are ready and eager for fall, it can be pretty hard to fight the temptation to buy a whole LOT of things. So I’m here to help share some ways to infuse some love back into the summer clothes you’re tired of by now.

Tips for styling a summer piece for fall

  1. Pair a summery top with dark jeans
  2. Wear your tanks with long, cozy cardigans
  3. Pair tanks with tees or turtlenecks
  4. Extend the versatility of your jumpsuits by layering button-ups
  5. Just add ankle boots 😉

These tips might seem super obvious—and really, they are! But it’s a helpful checklist to have on-hand for the morning when you’re stumped on what to wear while the weather transitions, and I find these tricks keep me wearing my summer items longer—which, for a Canadian is a huge benefit because our summers are so short and our winters so long.

How I’m styling my summer pieces for fall

Tank Tops

There are so many ways to keep wearing your tanks into cooler weather. My favourite way to extend the wear of a floral or light-coloured tank is to combine it with a simple, neutral knit cardigan. It adds cool-weather cosy and lets you keep your light summer colours out!

For a more boxy tank, there are a whole whack of options! Below you’ll see how I styled it for summer and fall. I was kind of hesitant to try a turtleneck underneath a tank top, but I’m really pleased with the results! If you have a looser, scooping or crew neckline, this combo can really work. Don’t be afraid to layer similar shades of the same colour, either – it can give the illusion of one piece while actually providing more texture to your look.

Next look: t-shirt under a spaghetti strap – classic. 1990s vibes all around. It’s too darn sweltering in the heat of summer to deal with layers, so I reserve this look for spring and fall when I can frolic around town without sweating my beans off. If I could name my favourite outfit right now, this would be it.


Last winter, I spontaneously decided to wear a button-up underneath one of my wrap dresses and ended up pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! I like this look best with a cropped crewneck sweater on top (which is best for the coldest days of winter) but if you have a dress that’s loose enough, try a button-up underneath! The trick is to make sure it’s a boxier cut, otherwise you’ll be dealing with crinkly chunky bits of fabric bunched up on you all day.


I’ve developed an obsession with knotting button-ups overtop of my jumpsuits. Keeps you warm, and is a fun way to really break into some more adventurous colour palettes, too. I only own super bright jumpsuits—burnt orange and burgundy, so I tend to power clash bright colours together to create something more lively than my usual tonal looks. If you’ve got any jumpsuit and a looser-fitting button up – it’ll work!


Oooooh fall is my favourite time for skirts. Ever since university, every time the weather gets crisp, I pull out my ankle boots and tights and wear my skirts repeatedly. I get my tights from ethical and sustainable company, Swedish Stockings – read more about them here! With skirts, it’s easy to get into awkward cardigan territory. Wearing cardigans that are the wrong length can leave you feeling stunted. And we don’t want that! So, my tip for cardigans with skirts: wear a long one (to your calves), one that cuts at your natural waist, or one that cuts about the same length as your skirt. Those are the foolproof most flattering lengths, and will keep you feeling put-together!

It was really neat to go through this little experiment and test out my summer pieces for cooler weather. I always get the urge to go thrifting or to buy a new special piece when a fresh season comes around, but it’s wonderful to see the ways that these pieces got new life. I mean, I won’t lie to you – I still welcomed a piece or two in this season, I’m working on curbing that shopping urge…!

Which summer pieces are you styling for fall? Let me know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “How to transition your summer pieces for fall”

  • Love this post! So many practical and beautiful ways to style pieces through the seasons. My goal this fall is to avoid buying anything new… except maybe one piece from the Fauxgerty collab 😀

    • Yay! So glad it was helpful!! <3 And that's an awesome goal! (I can't blame you on the Fauxgerty piece... I'm really looking forward to it, too! haha)

  • I always add tights and booties to my dresses – definitely a fave! I also love throwing my leather jacket over everything and anything! I love your looks, especially the tank layered over the tee shirt!

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