My Fall ’19 Closet Mood Board

My Fall ’19 Closet Mood Board

The air is starting to feel crisp, my windows are open and I saw the first tree with turning leaves this past weekend. It’s a sure-fire sign that fall is not just ahead, but here, and that means it’s time to take stock of the pieces I want to bring back to my closet, or the items I’m planning to welcome in.

I know it’s hard to curb the temptation to shop when there’s so much on social media, especially if you’re like me and love pretty things. So this year’s approach is different! Instead of doing a bunch of individual posts all over the place, I’ve made a Fall 2019 closet master-post: my top ethical picks for the season.

You might be looking for one item and not know where to start – or you might just want some inspiration. Either way, I thought it’d be fun to share the things I have my eyes on or will be wearing as my favourite season comes around again.

Themes for Fall 2019

Undoubtedly, the theme of all seasons for me is neutral and denim. It’s what I feel most comfortable in, so you’ll notice that I keep that foundation consistent no matter which season it is. My neutrals are lighter in the summer, and darker in cooler seasons. For fall, it’s a beautiful mix of tones that transitions from light to rich dark shades.

This fall I’m also being a little more adventurous with colour. Ochre is a colour/neutral that I am consistently reaching for, especially because it pairs so well with the neutrals and blues in my closet.

That’s the secret to welcoming colour into your wardrobe? Choosing an accent hue that already weaves in well with the colour palette you own or gravitate towards. Or go wild with power clashes and own it!

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, I make a small commission to support this blog. Thanks so much for your support! ๐Ÿ™‚

About my picks

Black mom jeans

I cannot wait to wear these mom jeans on repeat throughout the fall. I looked for ages for vintage Levi’s in a dark wash, but to no avail. So, I opted for these Canadian-made conscious jeans that fit snugly in the waist and straight & relaxed in the leg.

I’m not an Iris Denim affiliate, but I love the quality and fit of their jeans so much that I asked if they’d offer a code – so until the end of September, get 20% off any order over $100 with code PETRA20 ๐Ÿ™‚

(purchased by me earlier in the year)

Shop Iris Denim Whatta Man jeans >>

Tapered jeans, light wash

This month I tested out Frank and Oak’s new Circular Denim line, a collection made with entirely recycled denim fibres and less water. While Frank and Oak is a large company, they’re making some amazing strides in introducing transparent and sustainable supply chains slowly and consistently. The great part about Frank and Oak is that they’re more accessible to try on, if you have a store near you and have trouble choosing online.

(purchased by me this fall)

Shop Frank & Oak Circular Denim >>

Black wrap pants

It’s no secret that ever since I hemmed my Reese Wrap Pants from Free Label, I’ve been wearing them on repeat. They’re made of Tencel, which is a consciously sourced wood pulp fibre that’s lightweight, travels well, and drapes beautifully. I can see these being a great staple with a sweater and flats as we get into those not-quite-warm, not-quite-cool fall days.

(purchased by me in the spring)

Shop Free Label’s Reese Wrap Pants >>

Power of My People Tunic Button-Up in marled blue

For tops, I’m starting with this cozy tunic from Canadian maker, Power of My People. Jessica’s chosen a beautiful blended fabric of 84% cotton, 11% silk and 5% wool, which means it’ll feel breathable, luxurious and cozy. One thing I love about Power of My People pieces is that you can tell the instant you feel them that incredible care has gone into the design and sourcing. Why I picked this one? I’m excited to wear it with leggings on weekends, and to tuck it in to jeans for a faux-denim-on-denim look at work!

(gifted, I’m a Power of My People affiliate!)

Shop Power of My People (this top coming soon!) >>

Tradlands' long sleeve Box Top in salt - a woman standing in front of a white brick wall wearing it with white jeans

Tradlands was the first brand I really ever partnered with, and I’ve stuck with them. Why? Because they’re such a lovely bunch, and they put so much care into the quality and design of their pieces. This Box Top is a linen & tencel blend, which gives it a more relaxed and light look compared to the other button-up I’ve chosen for fall. Tip: when choosing which button-ups to layer, try materials like linen or tencel, for a more relaxed fit and comfort that isn’t chunky underneath a sweater!

(Gifted as part of an ongoing lovely relationship with Tradlands)

Shop the Tradlands fall collection >

Fauxgerty + PetraAlexandra Set

Can I say I’m most excited for this one?? Because I most definitely am! These are the first renderings of the pieces I’m designing with American brand, Fauxgerty, who uses only deadstock fabric in their production (fabric which was slated for the dump from other fashion brands). These pieces will be totally mix & match, so you can pick the colour combo and layer ’em up for fall or wear them as separates!

(this is a product design collaboration, which means we create the piece together and I receive a portion of any sales. Thanks for your support in this dream come true!)

Sign up for the waitlist here to be the first to hear about the launch.

Kotn Shirt Dress in Navy Pinstripe

My favourite conscious brand (and local to Toronto, too!), Kotn, came out with their first line of woven cotton garments. They started with knitted essentials like t-shirts, sweaters and sweats, but with this new launch of button-ups and trousers they’re becoming a quick closet staple for me! I find their prices most affordable out of almost any ethical brand, and their supply chain is iron-clad. Such a pleasure to wear their pieces – and quite a few of their basic tees have made it into my fall wardrobe!

(gifted, I am a Kotn affiliate ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Shop the Kotn Shirt Dress >>

L'Envers cream wool cardigan, cropped

Okay, I have been admiring Spanish brand L’Envers for AGES, waiting for them to come out with a cropped cardigan that hit at the natural waist. I often find that the standard cardigan length hitting at my hips looks less refined on me, so I was thrilled to see their new Nina cardigan made of 100% Spanish Merino wool coming out so soon!! I tell you, it’s an investment. But it’s one of those pieces to admire from afar for a long time, to sock away those pennies for, and to feel proud of wearing for the next 20 years. Their quality reminds me of the sweaters my grandma used to knit. My family has hand-knit fisherman sweaters that have been handed down through 3 generations, and when I look at L’Envers, I feel that same attention to craft.

(gifted, not affiliate)

Shop L’Envers (this sweater is coming soon!) >>

Tradlands Clay Knit Cardigan

Oh boy am I jonesing for this cardigan! I’ve always struggled with finding winter sweaters that work for me. If I could show you the number of duds I brought into my closet over the years, I’m sure we would all gasp. But this year is the year I finally get it right. Fingers crossed! This cardigan is different than the L’Envers one in a few ways: it’s 100% cotton, it’s a little longer (hitting just about the hip), and is a bit more oversized (your standard grandpa version). Having a 100% cotton cardigan in addition to a wool one means I can wear it on slightly warmer days, and in the depths of winter, cozy on up with the wool one.

(This is one I’m looking to personally invest in, so it’s time to start saving ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Shop the Tradlands Fall Collection (coming soon!) >>

Hailey Gerrits Necklace and Earrings, made from vintage brass chains and rutilated quartz

This fall, I’m welcoming a couple new jewellery pieces into my life – something I’m always very intentional about. It’s got to be a very special piece, or one I’ll wear every day. I’ve known Hailey Gerrits for quite a few years, through a little boutique across my work years ago, to working with her last year on sharing her fall collection. I have an inkling that longer necklaces are on their way back in, so for fall I’ve chosen this beautiful art-deco style necklace with a vintage brass chain tassel and rutilated quartz. Hailey works exclusively with vintage findings and consciously sourced stones – and most of her pieces are convertible, too.

(gifted as part of a cherished sponsored partnership with Hailey Gerrits)

Shop Hailey Gerrits (these pieces launching soon!) >>

Mejuri Bold Stacker and Signet Ring

Speaking of everyday jewellery…these three pieces from Mejuri will never leave my fingers, even as those knitted sweaters come out of the closet. Ever put on a sweater and have your ring catch on it? My pet peeve. Over the last couple years, I’ve purchased rings that I know I can wear day in, day out, regardless of the season – and these three are winners!

(a combo of gifted and purchased myself over the years!)

Shop my Mejuri picks for 10% off, auto-applied! >>

The Lei Suede Slides

I’ve been gravitating towards mules and slides moreso than flats this year, and it’s partly the freedom and breathability of them. These slides from The Lei are so comfy that I most certainly will wear them until it’s too brisk to go outside without socks. I just purchased black point-toe flats from The Lei for the fall because these have been SO darn comfy I want to wear them at all times!

(Gifted one pair, purchased the other because they’re so good!)

Shop The Lei and get10% off any purchase until the end of 2019 with SARA10 >>

Alice + Whittles Minimalist Sneakers

I haven’t really had an opportunity to get a lot of wear out of these beautiful sneakers this year, so I’m eager to wear them with EVERYTHING this fall! They’re made with waste leather from the luxury car industry, and ethically sourced, fair trade natural rubber. They’re 100% a fashion sneaker (not an athletic one), but boy are they the most comfortable, lightweight things to skip around the city with! The soles clean off super easily with some soap and a brush, so I’m ready for all the apple picking adventures in these.

(gifted, as part of an affiliate partnership last spring)

Shop the Alice + Whittles Minimalist Sneaker >>

Nisolo Black Chelsea Boots

Once upon a time, I had the perfect pair of Chelsea boots. Until they got way too old and fell apart. Since then, it’s been a quest for a comfy, not-chunky, slightly pointed toe Chelsea boot that would fit the bill and look good with the natural hem of my pants. Too much to ask?

Nisolo has been my favourite ethical shoe brand for years, even though I have only owned one pair of (the COMFIEST) sandals. This winter, I’m looking to welcome in a pair of their Chelsea boots to see if they’ll get me through the winter with a little more style.

(They’re probably out of my budget this year, but we’ll see how things go!)

Shop Nisolo’s Chelsea Boots >>

Only Child's Sonora Hooded Coat in ochre - a wool, mid-thigh-length coat that's oversized

Anyone on the hunt for an ethically-made wool coat? Only Child is testing it out as a new category this year, and it’s the thickest wool they’ve ever used – thick enough for a snowy winter. Considering that the only coat I own is one that’s unlined and woven so that the bitter cold goes through on a particularly windy day, I have my eye on how this new collection turns out. I’m excited to not be FREEZING.

(will be gifted as part of a long-awaited and exciting partnership with Only Child! Stay tuned for more)

Shop Only Child’s outerwear >>

So those are all the pieces I’m wearing (or have my eye on), in case you’re on the search for a high-quality piece to fill a gap in your cold-weather closet.

Looking for a specific fall garment? Put it in the comments section below and I’ll find something for you!



8 thoughts on “My Fall ’19 Closet Mood Board”

  • I would love help finding some jewelry that is ethically made but made with surgical stainless steel. I am allergic to gold, white gold and any sterling silver with even a hint of tarnish on it so Iโ€™ve found surgical stainless to be the only affordable answer (other option may be platinum but canโ€™t afford to test that). I havenโ€™t found a ethically made version of this type of jewelry yet though. Any help would be huge!

    • Oooh that’s a tough one! First bet is to go to Etsy and search for surgical stainless steel jewellery, and it may be hard to find exactly the style you’re looking for, but it seems that there are some options! I also just found Rocking Vibe which states that they use surgical stainless in some styles (and they’re in Canada). You can also try the handmade section of Amazon if you’re having a super hard time finding things!

  • Ahh I’ve been coveting after the heavyweight wool Cardiff trench since they released it. I’m so curious to know if it’ll hold up in our frigid winters in Toronto. Really looking forward to your review!

    • Definitely a layering coat! It has a perfect amount of room for all the warm chunky sweaters underneath. I love it for late fall and early winter, and once it gets super cold (aka -20/-40), I’d be bringing out the parka!

  • This is a great post- thank you! Love all your picks!
    As for a specific item Iโ€™m hoping to find- I was wondering whether you might have recommendations for warm winter coats, both like the wool style or otherwise. Something ethical for cold Canadian winter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes!!! Amour Vert has some great picks here, and for Canadian Winters, I 100% stand by Frank and Oak’s new recycled polyester puffers. I have the Venture – it goes down to my shins and it’s the COMFIEST ever. I don’t know how I never owned a parka until now.

  • love this! your formula is so simple – a great base to be jazzed up with a beautiful necklace or vintage blazer ๐Ÿ™‚
    i am actually looking for a wrap coat (something that can handle a change in waist size) that is made of natural materials (wool, cotton) and warm. any recommendations on where to look?

    • Ooooh great question!! Sotela has quite a few wrap pieces (not coats necessarily, but beautiful silhouettes). Amour Vert has this cardigan which is quite lovely! They also have some stellar outerwear here.

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