Comparing Cardigans: L’Envers & Tradlands

Comparing Cardigans: L’Envers & Tradlands

I have quite a few cardigans. Is it that they’re the classier version of a hoodie? That their Mr. Rogers silhouette reminds me of my grandparents? That they can be worn frontwards, backwards, and even tucked in? No matter which way I look at a cardigan, it’s a winner in my closet.

My three cardigans come from sources as different as ever:

It’s hard to distinguish the differences between them when looking online—so below, I break down what makes the Tradlands Shelter Cardigan and the L’Envers Nina Cardigan unique—and where they’re similar. So you can read on and make an informed choice on which may be the one you’re truly looking for.

(this post has been partially sponsored by Tradlands. All opinions expressed are candidly my own!)

Now, before I dive in, I want to establish that I adore both of these equally. For different looks & occasions, they’re both treasured pieces that have a place in my wardrobe. And the quality of both are unmatched—so no matter which you go for, you know they’ll last. I’ve had both for about a season and a half, getting in a good amount of winter wear – so this review will be honest about how they’re faring so far!


close-up photo showing the knit of both cardigans, with some minor pills on the L'Envers one

Tradlands Shelter Cardigan // Cotton

If you’re allergic to wool (or vegan), this is the one for you! It weighs much more than the L’Envers cardigan, but the weight is so comforting if you’re not swayed by how heavy a cardigan is. The cotton is smooth and resistant to pilling, a huge benefit if you plan on wearing it really often! It’s a huge relief to not have to worry about seasonal de-pilling.

L’Envers Nina Cardigan // Wool

Oh-so-cozy and natural and gorgeous Spanish Merino. When I opened the package in the mail, I could literally smell the Spanish countryside. If you’re a lover of farms and traditional living, their knitwear will bring that wonderful life to you. I usually have quite sensitive skin, but besides an initial prickle when first putting it on, I never feel itchy throughout the day. Because it’s made from wool, you will get pilling, but it’s not too overwhelming and can be addressed quite easily between wears.


Tradlands Shelter Cardigan // Oversized

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy, chunky sweater, this is the one. I don’t know how, but Tradlands nailed the oversized-without-being-too-much look. I find I wear this one on particularly chilly days when all I want is to be in pyjamas. I’m eager to sport it as a jacket substitute once the weather starts warming up a little, since cotton is a great springtime fabric.

L’Envers Nina Cardigan // Cropped

I adore the cropped length of this cardigan. Especially with high waisted jeans and dresses, it’s hard to find a sweater you can wear without it cutting you off strangely right at the hips. This cardigan was the answer to that problem, and I’ve been wearing it with all my challenging winter outfits ever since.


Tradlands Shelter Cardigan // Dropped Shoulder

This is a key difference in these cardigans – the Tradlands one has a straight dropped shoulder, which means the sleeve is bulkier and more relaxed. It’s got a brilliantly lazy look, but is a bit more tricky to stuff under coats unless they’ve got some room in the sleeves.

L’Envers Nina Cardigan // Classic

This one is stitched with a traditional method along the shoulder, keeping the sleeve fitted throughout and easier to wear in layers.


Tradlands Shelter Cardigan // Cream

This pop of cream buttons is a beautiful bold separator from the gorgeous sienna shade.

close-up showing the cream buttons of the Tradlands cardigan

L’Envers Nina Cardigan // Horn

As traditional as it comes: L’Envers brings in classic horn-coloured buttons with this natural fibre tone to bring home the classic look.

close-up showing the horn buttons of the L'Envers cardigan


Tradlands Shelter Cardigan // $237 USD

L’Envers Nina Cardigan // $230 USD

You can’t get much closer than that. And the quality really is on-par. Both sites have afterpay or instalment payment options to help ease the pressure of $230 right off the top.

You can shop them both here:

Have any more questions about either cardigan? Shoot them my way in the comments section below! 🙂



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