Quarantine Thoughts // no.2

Quarantine Thoughts // no.2

I can’t tell the difference between the birds and dry leaves that flit across the grass. It’s green now. The sad grey-brown has dissolved with winter and the robins dig their bright needle beaks into the soil, hopping across lawns that have come up for warm spring air.

I think a lot about selfishness these days. Living alone is inherently the most selfish thing I could do. All my choices revolve around my own needs. I don’t know if it’s my 30s coming round to call my name, but there’s been a marked shift in my thoughts since we first quarantined.

I remember the big blackout of the early 2000s. We didn’t have power for a week, and while my parents tried to contend with our melting freezer, my sister and I frolicked through the fields in the neighbourhood and pretended we were living in the pre-electricity days.

That time was sweet because I built these shared memories. We both remember that time fondly. This quarantine – I can’t help but think that living on my own, it’ll be a very different experience to look back on.

I’ve always wanted a dog. And I’d always put it off because of the idea that I couldn’t own one with such a long commute and work day. But you know what’s keeping me going during this quarantine? The thought that once we slowly crawl out of our houses to discover what the new normal is, I can craft a life that will allow me to work efficiently from home more often—and welcome a dog pal into my life.

Is there a milestone you’re looking forward to, that’s keeping you motivated?

As always, I’m sending all the good thoughts your way. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home <3



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