My essential 15 pieces of jewellery.

My essential 15 pieces of jewellery.

It’s about time I talked about accessories! I’m a big fan of minimalist style and strategic layering, but there were days in my childhood and teen years where I was braiding hemp chokers and bracelets (yes, that’s me on the right in the hippie outfit)



Needless to say, my style of jewellery and accessories has changed a LOT from the free days of the late ’90s-early ’00s.

I jumped on the chandelier earring trend, the bulky necklaces, the long line necklaces, and once I started working for an ethical jewellery company, my perspective shifted.


Oh yes, layered necklaces had their heyday.


Why was I just buying on-trend jewellery, only to have the finish rub off and look cheap a few months or years later? My purses and wallets would peel and fall apart. I’d put jewellery to the back of the drawer, never wearing them again, never throwing them out, never feeling super proud of them.


I knew I always felt sentimental about my jewellery – it holds so many memories, and the more we wear it, the more we feel like it represents who we are.

The problem was, my jewellery didn’t last long enough or make me proud enough to keep it forever. Until I realized that 90% of what made my favourite accessories my, well, favourite, was the fact that they had a story behind them and I could understand where they came from.


That’s when I shifted my thinking. Jewellery and accessories are not trends. They’re heirlooms.


It sounds old-fashioned. But there’s nothing more beautiful than finding a piece and wearing it in a way that turns heads – finding a piece that is crafted with quality – something that you’d want to proudly hand down – something you could wear every day and still absolutely love every time you put it on. Oh, and something that is just as quality after years of wear.

Thinking like that means that you start to become the author of your history. How do you want your daughters to remember you? Do you want them to feel proud and bad ass when they see a ring stamped with the silhouette of boobs? Well, I know I do. And I’m still in the market for a ring like that, so if you’ve got any hot tips, help a girl out 😉


Below, check out some of my favourite accessories that I wear again and again.

P.S. everything is linked, so click on the numbers to go down a rabbit hole of jewellery shopping.



1. Larissa Loden

This necklace is simple, minimal, long-line and goes with everything.



2. Fab Accessories

Lightweight and light brass, this necklace is subtle and anything but boring.



3. ‎Hedge Witch Cuff

Found in a tiny little roadside shop in Sharon, Ontario. I live in this cuff in the summer. It makes me feel like a badass queen every damn day.



4. ‎ME to WE bangle

Everyday bangle – and I mean every day. I pretty much always wear it. Super comfortable and has just enough detail.



5. Rotary watch (family heirloom, circa 1950’s)

Even though the hands get stuck and it doesn’t tell time accurately, it’s so delicate and detailed that I can’t help but wear it every day.



6. ‎EMDJoailliere

Bought at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show (and crafted in Montreal), these earrings are damn fierce. Her designs are super linear and organic in their angles.



7. Buck’s Hard Goods

In downtown Oakville, Buck’s Hard Goods is a tiny store that packs a big punch. Their inventory comes from makers all across Canada, as well as leathers handcrafted in Italy and around the world. They’re my no.1 shoe shop. If you never knew you wanted to go to Oakville, you know now.



8. Labour of Love

Labour of Love is one of my favourite gift shops (and when I say gift shop, I mean 20% of the time I’m actually buying for someone else, and 80% of the time it’s for me) – these little concrete studs are so understated but always get compliments.


Let’s be real: every girl needs a good pair of bar earrings. And Labour of Love did not disappoint.



9. Zoe Comings

When I was in New York City for a work trade show, I popped into The Clay Pot (a boutique), and found these amazing ceramic, gold-dipped earrings. Since grey is basically a staple colour in my wardrobe, these naturally came back with me and go with almost everything.



10. White Feather Designs

How INCREDIBLE is this enamel design? I am head over heels for these studs. They’re just dark enough for those moody days, and have a tad of shine to catch the eye. Each one is unique because of the enamel technique used, so I really encourage you to check them out!



11. Mystery arrow studs

I found these lovely studs in a shop in Santa Monica, California – handmade by a local woman. And like the makers of my other silver jewellery, I unfortunately lost her information! If I find it, I’ll update this post!



12. Handcrafted silver earrings

I found a jewellery maker at my hometown’s farmer’s market, and her silver pieces won me over. Simple silhouettes, raw quality, just the right amount of a statement. The jewellery dish here is from Mimi & August, a Montreal shop that also sells ethically made swimwear!



13. ME to WE Semiprecious Rafiki

Ethically sourced labradorite, and 24k gold details make this wrap bracelet a really lovely piece. Oh, and the ring is from Stray Stones (mentioned at the end of the post!)



14. ARVO Good Samaratime watch

Simple, clean, this watch also contributes to charitable projects around the world.


The rings I wear every day come from a few different places. I’ll only every buy solid gold or sterling silver, because I wear them (literally) all the time, and can’t have them wearing out. Even gold fill loses its lustre after a while. My favourite shops for rings are Olga & Me, and Stray Stones. I’m sure one of these days I’ll cave and get a ring or two from Mejuri, but for now, these and my great-grandmother’s rings are my go-tos.


I hope you have a bunch more brands to have fun browsing now 🙂




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