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Transformation: old jeans = new skirt

Transformation: old jeans = new skirt

I recently decided to tackle the big pile of clothes to ‘mend/alter’ sitting on top of my sewing machine. It had become a little bit of a guilty pile and I wasn’t sure if anything would still be relevant.

Gladly, I saw potential in an old pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that were handed down from a family friend. They had always fit well, but weren’t a style I loved.




I’ve been following Rachel (Rachspeed) since we worked together, and her denim skirt modifications are always awesome. So I took a leaf out of her book and snipped them into a skirt.

Full disclosure, I’m awful at ‘before’ photos (because I mostly do all my sewing at 2:30am), so there’s no natural light. I promise I’ll get better at that eventually!

All I had to do was snip along the inseam as close as possible, until the front and back flaps lay flat at the crotch. One thing I need to watch out for in future is making sure I hem in the butt flap properly – because what you CAN’T see is a really eccentric curved hem line right on my booty. Unique? yes. Standard? nope. Maybe next time I’ll get the hang of it!

I wanted a rough-cut, asymmetrical hem, so I snipped and ripped the bottom and distressed a bit of the front. I’m pretty happy with the results, even if it wasn’t 100% what I expected!







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