How I style the “potato sack”

How I style the “potato sack”

At least, that’s what my mom calls it. I love loose, breezy tunics. For humid Toronto summers and Volkswagen shows in farmer’s fields, they’re just the trick! I found this black tunic at the Made Inland pop-up this spring—a market of Canadian designers and luxury ethical brands. What an easy, comfortable garment!


I have to admit, I was so smitten that even though I could only think of 2 ways to wear it, I bought it and took it home.


That was strictly against the rules I’d set out for myself when shopping—especially since I wanted to move slowly towards fewer, better items in my closet. It’s the one thing in 10 months that I’ve broken the rule for. It was black, timeless and boxy, and I would be damned if I didn’t wear this sack in every way I could. I figured I’d challenge myself to get creative later. Challenge myself, I did.


Here’s the roundup of my favourite ways to style the potato sack.




Easy & athletic


Casual Fridays


Minimal formal


Classic bohemian


Knot it like it’s hot


Dresses on dresses



Winter warmth


“I’m going to go write in Starbucks”


Easy pullover uniform



I tell you. I’m excited to wear this tunic over and over again. I hope you find some inspiration in these styles, too!




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