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3 months later: wide-leg linen pants

3 months later: wide-leg linen pants

When I spontaneously invested in wide-legged linen pants at the beginning of the summer, I wasn’t too sure how much wear I’d get out of them. I felt a hole in my wardrobe and needed some light-coloured pants to break free of the black and dark clothes of winter.

So, now that summer is officially at an (almost) end, here’s my count of all the ways I wore wide-legged pants! These are oatmeal-coloured, but these outfits can easily be duplicated with any colour, even black for the cooler months.

Plus, now that we’re approaching fall, I can look into ways to layer and keep these pants as a staple item when I get sick of all the black again πŸ™‚


1. Plain black tee


2. Buttoned chambray


3. White tank


4. Black crewneck


5. Plain white tee


6. Crisp white blouse, knotted


7. Accessorized


8. Knotted kimono


9. Knotted chambray


1o. Music festival Indiana Jones. Basically.


So, those are 10 styles I photographed over the summer – but I re-wore the best ones too many times to count! Plain white tee was the go-to on weekends, and I admit – I’m wearing these pants with a white tank right now as I’m sitting typing up this post.

Oh! I almost forgot:


The best part about these pants was when I wore them as pyjama pants every single night on vacation in Ocean City. The linen was breathable in the humidity, and on lazy days, all I had to do was roll out of bed and I already looked (pretty much) presentable. Not to mention, they’re stellar travel pants.


Long story short, these are definitely my summer’s MVP. These and button-up tops have changed my summer style game – and it makes me even more excited to continue wearing them in fall.

P.S. link to the maker’s page here – she’s an Ontario, Canada local who tours around arts fairs – so if you’re local, keep an eye out on her page! If you’re not local, you can find this kind of style and more online at Elizabeth Suzann.Β 



4 thoughts on “3 months later: wide-leg linen pants”

  • Thank you for this post, Sara! I really loved all the ways that you wore your pants! Actually, my favorite thing was that you only wore three basic colors, but in different styles – a T-shirt, a knotted shirt, but both white, creating different looks within a minimalist color palette

    • What an awesome thing to notice! There’s definitely a formula emerging…it really does show you that you can make so many outfits from a select few garments. It’s something I still can improve on, too!

  • I just found a pair of very similar pants in one of my favorite secondhand shops! I certainly wish I had them earlier in the summer, but if you have any styling ideas to continue wearing them through fall, I will be all ears!

    • Yes!! I’m so excited to style them through fall, and would love to do a follow-up post. I also wear them as lounge pants and pyjamas SUPER often, so I’d say I already hit an awesome wear count on these. SO worth it!

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