Fall 10×10 – outerwear & accessories edition

Fall 10×10 – outerwear & accessories edition

I feel like by this time around, I was comfortable nailing 10 outfits out of my more simplified garments. It’s been easier to throw things together now that I’ve embraced my natural inclination towards easy, tonal clothes.


But there are a few things I still struggle with: namely outerwear, shoes and accessories.


I wanted to use the ability to throw simple outfits together for the 10×10 as a way to focus instead on choosing the right shoes, outerwear, and accessories in a way that make me look polished, no matter if it’s freezing out. Which, if you live in a colder climate like Canada, you’ll know is an eternal struggle.


For the Fall 10×10, I chose 10 items of clothing and purposefully EXCLUDED outerwear and shoes. This was my time to experiment with what footwear, coats and scarves really DID work.



Read on for my discoveries and tips I’ve learned, that help you look polished and confident from the minute you walk out the door, all the way through your day at work.


1. Pick shoes that speak to the colour of your outfit
2. Cuff those jeans to give your shoes airtime
3. Use a belt to cinch & add interest
4. Pick vintage jewellery to add character
5. Pick coats that cut in the right places
6. The shape of the toe of your shoe matters
7. Get your scarves to work for you, not against you. Big is ok! Make sure your colours look intentional.



The biggest thing I learned is that I have been hanging on to SO many shoes, when I really only gravitate to (and need) a few great quality styles. The next year’s focus for my wardrobe? Really needs to be great footwear.

So – are you all ready for the 10×10? Let’s go!



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