Ethical Button Ups: Tradlands & Power of My People

Ethical Button Ups: Tradlands & Power of My People

I’ve been long partnered with Tradlands, an American conscious brand focused on the great wardrobe staple: button-ups. Their helped me finally discovering my summer style—clothes I was comfortable in, stayed cool in, and wanted to wear every day. I wear button-ups camping, to work, on weekends, to festivals, you name it. They’re my wardrobe’s bread and butter.

This winter, I happily discovered another button-up brand that valued quality and ethics above all else.

Jessica from Vancouver, Canada-based brand Power of My People reached out, and my immediate thought was: can I possibly have TWO partnerships with button-up brands? Would there be noticeable differences in style? One brand is American, and one is Canadian. I’m a huge advocate for shopping local whenever possible, so this is a great opportunity to share a Canadian option and see how they compared.

Since it’s so hard to tell the difference between shirts online, I thought I’d break them down and compare piece-by-piece so you can make an educated choice on which one’s right for you!

(oh, and I have special codes for both of these brands in case you do decide to shop!)

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Comparison: Tradlands & Power Of My People

Power Of My People style // The Philosopher, Wayward Fit in Black

Tradlands style // The 105 in White

1. Fabric

Both fabrics feel quite similar right out of the gate. When unworn, they’re a little stiff and with wear they become increasingly softer. I’ve had my Tradlands 105 for about a year, and it’s beautifully worn in now—much less stiff-feeling than in the beginning. The Tradlands fabric is a tighter weave, looking like a textured paper moreso than the smooth linen of the Philosopher. Both are breezy and flexible, perfect for knotting in the summer or tucking for winter layering. In all honesty, I don’t feel much of a difference besides the Philosopher letting in a little more air on warmer days! While both shirts are nice and opaque, I still wear a nude bra.

Power Of My People // 100% Linen

Tradlands // 100% Cotton

2. Fit

This is really where these two shirts differ. Wayward fit is a boxier, more relaxed shape that has more room in the bust and has a slightly dropped shoulder. Proper fit is slightly more fitted—still allowing some freedom, but essentially…more of a proper silhouette in the shoulders and through the waist. It still gives me room in the waist, which I love. The biggest bonus to the Tradlands top is that the buttons are in the perfect place to unbutton without showing too much boob. Both brands offer options in a looser, wayward fit, or a structured proper fit.

Power Of My People // Wayward Fit

Tradlands // Proper Fit

3. Buttons

Both are sewn on solidly (no loose buttons here—and like I said, I’ve had my Tradlands shirt of a year). The Philosopher has thinner, more lightweight buttons—whereas the 105 sports Tradlands’ trademark solid, thick buttons. I have no preference for either!

4. Style

Okay, here’s where you’ll start to see a difference in these styles. Jessica from Power Of My People is dedicated to form and function, and you can see it come through in the spectacular pocket designs. The Philosopher even has a specific sewn portion for your pens! The function! It’s these thoughtful little details that go miles with consciously constructed clothes. The Philosopher’s pockets are huge—providing a beautifully architectural form to the shirt. If you prefer a cleaner look, the Tradlands 105 keeps things stripped down and simple—the streamlined shape of the 105 makes it ideal for when you’re not into bulk, and want something minimalist, beautiful, and no-fuss.

5. Care

Both have the same washing instructions, whoopee! Machine wash cold / warm water, and hang to dry. I do this with all my clothes, and it keeps them lasting. Plus, it minimizes how much you need to iron. I have never ironed my shirts—I just take them out, have them hung, and they tend to straighten out. If you do like things more polished, hang them up in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will smooth those wrinkles right out!

So, which one is right for you?

After going through and doing a close comparison, I can happily say you won’t go wrong with either! Both brands have exceptional quality and design. They clearly know what they’re doing. Let’s recap the details of each:

Tradlands 105

  • No pockets (streamlined design)
  • A proper fit, but still gives room in the waist
  • 100% cotton
  • Perfect for unbuttoning with no accidental boobage

Shop the Tradlands 105 here.

Power Of My People Philosopher

  • Two beautifully large pockets with pen slot
  • Wayward fit, boxy with dropped shoulders
  • 100% Linen
  • Wonderful for warm days

Shop the Power of My People Philosopher here.

I guess what I’m saying is: take a look at both their sites, and if you fall in love, you can’t go wrong!



6 thoughts on “Ethical Button Ups: Tradlands & Power of My People”

  • I love your analysis of the two, especially with seeing the fit on you. It helps to bring the idea home. Which shirt would you recommend for styling purposes? Is the fitted easier to style than the slightly more boxy version? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

    • Hi! It really depends on what you’re going for! I enjoy both styles – the boxy one can be more casual, the fitted one feels a little more formal sometimes. Boxy is great if you want more definition at the waist, because it gives you some volume up top, and is nice and breathable.

  • Thank you! Having looked at both sites I see that the Philosopher is made in Canada and the 105 in
    China, so it’s the philosopher for me.

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