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Ethical loungewear & Athletic Wear

Ethical loungewear & Athletic Wear

I’m bad at working out. I’ll just get that out of the way right now. I’m not a fitness junkie who goes to the gym three or five times a week, I have one pair of leggings and my pilates mat spends more time gathering dust than being used.

It’s not that I don’t WISH I had a bit more get-up-and-go when it comes to working out, but I find it comes in spontaneous spurts rather than through forcing myself to love it. I’m the dancing in the kitchen, boogying while vacuuming, taking the 35-minute walk home every day and always choosing stairs. I enjoy the spontaneity—but something I think we can all appreciate is the desire to have some comfy clothes that we can lounge in, work out in, or simply have an active day in.

My mission for spring: find natural, chemical-free lounge/active wear that could take me through both active and sleepy days.

Scroll on down for my picks (and special promo codes!)
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Item 1 // Leggings

A lot of companies are making leggings out of recycled polyester and plastic water bottles—which is amazing, and I have some myself—but the more I learn about how microplastics come out in every wash and into the environment, the more I wonder about how close I want it to my skin when I’m sweating up a storm. So began the quest for leggings that were made of natural materials that would breathe with me.

My pick: Miakoda New York // Bamboo High Waisted Leggings

Quick facts: Miakoda New York

  • Committed to using organic sustainable plant fibres
  • Made and designed in New York, USA
  • Uses nontoxic, chemical-free dyes
  • Uses 100% recycled packaging, and cellulose biodegradable packing tape
  • Creates zero-waste cycle by sewing patches & scrunchies with remnant fabric
Woman standing against a blank wall wearing black high waisted leggings, a black wrap top and black and white sneakers

The Leggings

I couldn’t be more thrilled with these! Comfy and breathable enough to work out in, sleep in, lounge in, or run around in the summer in! My previous recycled water bottle leggings (from another brand) are lovely in winter for warmth and repelling water, but these Miakoda ones are just the best for those warmer days. With a high waist, they stay up and avoid awkward rolling-down scenarios. If you’re between sizes, I’d size up because it seems like the fabric has the potential to be translucent when stretched too much—but I did a bend-in-mirror test and it was perfectly fine for me! Phew! No problems there. There’s a little pocket in the waistband for change or cards or keys, which is handy. The fabric mix on these is organic bamboo and cotton, as well as a little spandex to make sure they stay on and all that jazz. They feel nice and soft, but still sturdy enough to withstand a good workout.

I’m wearing an XS in the Bamboo High Waisted Athletic Leggings


Item 2 // Lounge Top

My pick: Miakoda New York // Organic Wrap Crop Top

Okay, this is such a cute little lounge top! If you’re puttering around the house (or if you want to go out at night with great high-waisted jeans or a skirt), this top is it! If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that this kind of versatility is my JAM. One great little surprise with this top was that it’s attached and won’t come apart awkwardly when you take it off. The straps can tighten it, but they don’t get all loose and confusing when you have it folded in your drawer. I, for one, am all for simplified tops that make life easier.

I’m wearing an XS in the Organic Wrap Crop Top


Abdomen of a woman wearing black high waisted leggings and a black wrap top

Item 3 // Sneakers

My pick: Alice + Whittles // Minimalist Black & White Luxa Sneaker

Quick facts Alice + Whittles

  • Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Founders Sofi and Nick met while working with the UN Refugee Agency
  • The company started with rain boots (which I own and swear by! So lightweight)
  • They are dedicated to using only natural, recycled and sustainably sourced materials
  • They work directly with the communities from which their materials come from, in order to maintain accessible pricing
Black and white sneakers lying sideways on a white blanket

About the sneakers

So, I’ve been posting about my old fast fashion sneakers for a while. They’re black and white, they go with everything, but I’ve been wanting to point everyone to a similar style that’s consciously made. Well, the day has come. Alice + Whittles created sneakers that are made from the remnants of luxury leather car seats (so, not vegan, but on the way to a more sustainable future).

The sole is the same consciously sourced and farmed rubber as their boots, and the design is a perfect mix of athletic + stylish. I’ve been wearing them to and from work for a while to test their comfort, and they’re pleasantly springy without looking like giant clouds of athletic wear.

My one caveat is that because they’re leather, they’re likely to rub a bit on the back of your ankle until they break in. Just something to be prepared for. Mine haven’t been giving me much trouble at all! They’re super light and a pleasure to stroll in all day.

Let’s get down to the facts:

  • The tongue is attached – the upper of the sneaker is all one piece, so no finicky adjustments needed
  • Laces are JUST the right length. No weird long bits
  • Since they’re made of leather, they’re not a work-out shoe. They’re a travel, walk all day, commute in style kind of shoe
  • The insoles are removable!
  • They don’t have half sizes, but I ordered an 8 and they fit fine (I’m usually 7.5). They have a little room, but tightening them with the laces removes that problem
  • They fit true to size—whereas their boots fit narrow. So no need to size up!
Young woman wearing leggings, a black wrap top and sneakers, taking a mirror selfie

Overall, I LOVE these sneakers as a pop ‘em on for the weekend or for a day where I’m doing a lot of walking. The leather means that once I spray them protectively, I don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain either. A bonus when usually my feet get soaked in sneakers.

I’m wearing a 7.5 in the Minimalist Black & White Luxa Sneaker


A little bonus for you!

I hope you found all this helpful! If you have any questions, please pop ‘em below and I’ll be sure to help answer.

As always, you can enjoy a little discount code for both of these brands . You get a little discount, I get a little support for my blog, the brand gets a little business to help them continue on their conscious mission. Thanks for your support!

Miakoda New York // 15% off // PETRAALEXANDRA15

Alice + Whittles // 15% off + Free Shipping // PETRA15OFF

Woman sitting on a wood floor against a blank wall, wearing black and white sneakers, black leggings and a black wrap top



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